JAKEMY’s First Regional Agent In 2020 Has Been Confirmed

Last year, we received many requests from fans in this area, hoping to see our products locally. After last year's efforts, we finally identified our product agent in this area at the beginning of this year—We finally have a local agent in Indonesia! If you want to buy products in Indonesia or learn more

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JAKEMY JM-8166/JM-8177 Professional Precision Screwdriver Set

NEW PRODUCT JM-8166/JM-8177 106 in 1 Professional and precision screwdriver set # This is JAKEMY's first screwdriver set with more than 100 accessories. # The product's outer box is made of ABS impact resistant material, and the inside is matched with EVA sponge as a cushioning material. # Cool shape and complete functions. # Different

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We Have Resumed Work Normally! We Are Fully Prepared!

It has been more than a month since the new coronavirus was discovered in December last year. We have also been responding to the government's call, from implementing home office to sending some people back to the office, and doing our best to encourage and protect employees to return to work in various ways. We

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