Jakemy, one of the world’s most popular brands for precision screwdriver and tool accessories, is pleased to announce the launch of the new intelligent automatic drip irrigation kit -JM-G01. JM-G01 is a new intelligent irrigation system of Jakemy’s new garden life series. With the intelligent custom watering design, JM-G01 features a new automatic timing system and offers a choice of accurate watering and intelligent custom watering. JM-G01 provides new solution for garden irrigation.

An automatic drip irrigation kit is a type of micro-irrigation. However, it saves consumption by allowing the water to pass slowly into the roots of plants. Above all, this irrigation system comes from the above soil surface and goes below. Furthermore, drip irrigation helps to move water directly into roots and minimize evaporation. The network of drip irrigation involves valves, pipes, and tubing. So, it makes the system more efficient and user-friendly.

What is the best place to buy an automatic drip irrigation kit?

After reading the above pointers, I know many of you want to buy this machine. So, Jakemy is your destiny to buy the automatic drip irrigation system.

Highlighted features

Irrigation kit nameJakemy automatic drip irrigation kit
Main featuresAccurate watering, saving water, and saves money.
Technical specificationsHigh-power, custom watering feature, roots water supply, power-off memory, and timer feature.
Ease to useEasy installation with bucket secured feature.
Extra accessoriesDripper, Three-way pipe, USB cable, plastic filter, and PVC hose
Common usageA balcony, office, garden, and flowerpots

The drip irrigation system of Jakemy is very versatile, and you can water around 20 pot plants at a time. Above all, you can place the automatic drip irrigation kit horizontally or vertically.

Benefits of Jakemy drip irrigation kit for balcony

Earlier, we talked about an automatic drip irrigation kit in the balcony, office, or garden. So, here are the benefits that you can get by using this system on the patio.

1. Shows more productivity

The Jakemy automatic drip irrigation kit is taking the lead in terms of advantages. You can use the equipment on the balcony in a vertical or horizontal shape. Above all, Jakemy’s drip irrigation can water up to 20 pot plots in one go. But if we compare this ability with other irrigation machines, they can water up to 12 plants. Comparing it with the traditional or sprinkler system is 80-85% more effective. On the other hand, flood and furrow watering systems are only 60-70% effective. So, it is better to invest in this automatic drip irrigation system for maximum results.

2. Efficient Root watering system

People like to pile up the plants on the balcony. So, in this situation, we need a smart device to distribute the water evenly. JM-G01 comes with a leaf-shaped dripper that you can use to water the roots. Apart from this, the dripper helps to save more time by giving accurate water supply to plants.

3. Smart custom watering features

The balcony is that place where we cannot spend hours and hours for plant watering. You can use the smart features of JM-G01 to fix the timer from 1hr to 23hrs or 1-30 days. Apart from this, with a rotating controller, you can set water timings from 1-5 minutes.

Furthermore, there are more smart features that you can use on your balcony to keep the plants in good condition.

Anhydrous detection: it is the smart system that reminds you of the empty bucket of water. As a result, you can re-fill the bucket timely without compromising plants’ health.

Bucket clamped: This is a feature that you can use to save space. However, you can attach the device with a water bucket by using support.

Comes with type-C connector: JM-G01 comes with a TYPE-C connector and USB cable. All of these accessories are for quick charging and transmission.

So, if you need an automatic drip irrigation kit, it is one of the best investments. It flawlessly lowers the water bill and distributes water efficiently. Apart from this, JM-G01 helps plants to grow faster and healthy at less cost.

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