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Established in 1998, we have maintained a steadfast dedication to producing the best precision screwdrivers and accessories that conform to industry standards for safety and quality. We have established ourselves as a trusted screwdriver manufacturer in the industry with extensive experience, continuous innovation, commitment to quality, and attentive after-sales services.

We are currently welcoming partnerships with distributors worldwide. This is an excellent opportunity to join the Jakemy distributor network, especially now during our winter sale. Read on to explore the details of our sale and seize the chance to enjoy substantial savings.

Up to 40% Savings

During this festive holiday season, our winter sale extends a generous opportunity to global distributors, granting you access to remarkable savings. All of our wholesale products are now available at discounted rates. By simply submitting inquiries, you are likely to benefit from substantial savings of up to 40%. And the more you order, the greater your savings will be. This winter is the perfect time to stock up on the premium Jakemy screwdriver sets.

Series 8

Our Telecommunications Repair Screwdriver Set Series 8 is suitable for repairing electronic devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones, small household appliances, etc.

Series 8


JM-8192 is a versatile mini toolbox container with 180 CR-V precision screwdriver bits all in one. The innovative design of JM-8192 breaks away from traditional squared-off toolbox models and incorporates a high-volume container concept. Its multifunctional screwdriver handle with a manually adjustable push slider is designed to adapt to the needs of different palm sizes. Furthermore, JM-8192 incorporates an innovative screwdriver head for secure screw retrieval, addressing issues like head breakage or thread slippage. This feature has significantly enhanced its appeal among users.
All products can be ordered with a purchase of over $100

Series 8


This 145 in 1 Precision screwdriver set with accessories is one of our best precision screwdrivers. Unlike other manufacturers who apply the common ink printing engraving technology, we use advanced laser engraving technology, making the printing clear and not afraid of abrasion. The screwdriver handle also features a built-in sectional adjustable extension bar, allowing applications in narrow or special repair places.
All products can be ordered with a purchase of over $100

Series P

Specially designed for fixing various equipment with a portable bag, our DIY Repair Toolkit Series P meets all the repair needs.

Series P


JM-P15 stands as a versatile 17-in-1 DIY network repair tool kit, boasting a lightweight and compact design while delivering exceptional hardness and impressive toughness. This comprehensive kit includes a wire stripper, three types of pliers, two distinct screwdrivers, an electroprobe, insulating tape, and everything else essential for efficient network repairs. It finds applicability in a wide range of scenarios, including educational network maintenance, home network upkeep, large-scale integrated network servicing, and office network maintenance, catering to diverse needs with ease and precision.
All products can be ordered with a purchase of over $100

Series Y

The Electric Repair Tool Series Y alleviates the strain associated with manual repairs. It is tailored to cater to the demand for user-friendly design and intelligent functionalities, making repair tasks more efficient and accessible.

Series Y


This precision electric screwdriver features an all-metal pen body, housing a robust magnetic motor and a rechargeable lithium battery. It is adept at effortlessly removing over 500 tiny screws. With the convenience of electric and manual dual modes, it offers flexibility for various tasks. Crafted from all-aluminum metal brushed material in a seamless one-piece molding, JM-Y07 exemplifies both durability and ergonomic appeal, making it a valuable addition to any toolkit.
All products can be ordered with a purchase of over $100

Series Y


Y03 PLUS is a 43-in-1 dual dynamics precision electric screwdriver designed for repairing and maintaining electronic devices and household appliances. It boasts an impressive 180-day standby time and a 3-hour working time. Furthermore, its design showcases both elegance and flexibility, making it a reliable and adaptable tool for various tasks.
All products can be ordered with a purchase of over $100

Accessories Series

Accessories Series offers diverse screwdriver accessories for repair needs, including openers, pliers, knives, crimps, etc.

 Accessories Series


JJM-Z21 is a specialized magnetizer designed for efficient magnetization and demagnetization of objects. With the capability to perform these tasks in just one second, it proves to be a time-saving and labor-saving tool. By magnetizing objects such as screwdriver tips, users can ensure seamless and hassle-free repairs. Additionally, the base of JM-Z21 serves as a convenient small parts storage box, offering an organized space for a variety of repair accessories, enhancing overall workspace efficiency.
All products can be ordered with a purchase of over $100

Product bundling is a strategic marketing approach where multiple complementary products or services are packaged and sold together as a single offering. This approach offers consumers the convenience of purchasing a set of related items in one go. For distributors, product bundling can notably boost sales by encouraging customers to buy more. We recommend a range of enticing bundles designed to cater to various consumer needs. Contact us if you have any questions.

Recommended Bundles

Manual Repair Kit (Series 8 + Accessories Series)

This bundle contains essential Jakemy screwdriver sets and accessories for various repair and maintenance tasks.

Electric Precision Repair Kit (Series Y + Accessories Series/Series 8)

This bundle includes precision electric screwdrivers and other equipment specifically designed for intricate electronic and gadget repairs.
Y03 PLUS+OP14+Z21

Household Repair Kit (Series 6 + Accessories Series)

This bundle is intended for addressing common maintenance and repair tasks around the home with a versatile collection of tools and supplies.

Portable Kit for Daily Use (Series 8 + Accessories Series)

It encompasses a compact and convenient set of essential items and tools designed to meet various daily needs and activities while on the go.


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