106 in 1 Professional and precision screwdriver set

# This is JAKEMY’s first screwdriver set with more than 100 accessories.
# The product’s outer box is made of ABS impact resistant material, and the inside is matched with EVA sponge as a cushioning material.
# Cool shape and complete functions.

# Different handles, different feelings.
# For users with different maintenance habits.
# Those who like to have a light feel during maintenance and have trouble with excessive hand sweat can choose JM-8176.
# Those who like the calm and cold metal texture and smooth operation can choose JM-8177.
# Every detail is considered to be closer to the user’s life.

# Equipped with full screwdriver and socket.
# Comprehensive coverage of digital electronics, home products, remote control models, glasses, clocks, game consoles, mechanical motors, household appliances’ disassembly and repair.
# Prepare an extra bit for frequently used bit to reduce the trouble caused by bit’s wear.
# Escort the maintenance experience for users.

106 in 1 Professional and precision screwdriver set
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