It has been more than a month since the new coronavirus was discovered in December last year. We have also been responding to the government’s call, from implementing home office to sending some people back to the office, and doing our best to encourage and protect employees to return to work in various ways. We want to do our best to contribute to the smooth operation of the world economy.

We are constantly working to fight the epidemic with our country!

We will pay attention to the physical condition of each employee. Wearing a mask to work, disinfection, daily temperature detection and registration are the most important tasks for every employee before working every day. In addition, we also provide disposable sanitizing hand sanitizers for employees to disinfect their hands at any time. The office room is also sprayed with disinfectant water for disinfection after work every day. 

At the same time, we posted a variety of warm tips in the company and the factory. Including how to wear masks, non-employees need to register records, smoking areas are not allowed to gather smoking, etc. Regulate and protect employees from all aspects, and truly try to exclude as much as possible any risk that the virus can generate and spread.

Facing the epidemic, even if it is difficult now, as long as we face it together, we will be able to weather it!

We are now back to work. Viruses isolate people from each other, but they cannot isolate love. We support online services and insist on providing quality services to customers and supplier partners!