What have we brought to the world?

Create value for customers.
Promote the healthy development of the industry.
Provide a stage for strugglers.

What do we insist on?

Yifeng insists on focusing on the main channel of development for many years, resisting all temptations. Persist in not taking shortcuts, reject opportunism, and be down-to-earth. Insist on customer-centered, struggle-oriented, long-term hard work, and self-criticism.

Our mission

Insist on making exciting, cost-effective and good products!

Our values

The soul of our existence: the ecological green system of values.
Customer First: Customer is God.
Teamwork: Share and undertake together, ordinary people do extraordinary things.
Embrace changes and opportunities: embrace changes, be brave to innovate, and turn into opportunities. Adapt to the company’s daily changes, and do not complain easily.
Integrity and thanksgiving: honesty and integrity, open words and deeds, learn to be grateful.
Passionate: optimistic and never give up.
Dedication: professional and persistent, keep improving.
The values advocated by Yifeng: Progress: a posture, never compromise!