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As a responsible screwdriver wholesaler, Jackey not only shows you the product details, but also Jakemy center provides more intimate and clear videos for the products, including the introduction of screwdriver set products and on-site applications, as well as more latest company information, please click below Video viewing.

New interpretation of double-sided style – 83 in 1 New version Precision screwdriver set JM-8186 A/B

Improve your precision repair efficiency – 9 in 1 Dual dynamics electric screwdriver JM-Y05

Dual dynamics are driving force for infinte creativity – JAKEMY Dual dynamics electric screwdriver

【Amazon Popular Products】JAKEMY JM-8172 73 In 1 Professional Repair Tool Screwdriver Set

Repair what you want – JAKEMY JM-8175 Double-sided 50 in 1 Multifunctional and precision screwdriver

JM-8177 106 in 1 Professional and precision screwdriver set (Aluminum alloy screwdriver handle ver.)

JAKEMY JM-8176 106 in 1Professional and precision screwdriver set (Plastic screwdriver handle ver.)

Amazon hot products introduction – JAKEMY JM-8172 Professional repair tool set

JAKEMY JM-8172 73 In 1 Professional Multifunctional Repair Tool Screwdriver Set

2019.04 JAKEMY VLOG + Personal interviews about Hong Kong Global Sources Spring Electronic Show

JAKEMY JM-8163 33 in 1 Electronics double doors maintenance tools set

JAKEMY JM-Y01 21 in 1 Intelligent precision electric screwdriver set

Official factory vedio from JAKEMY 2019

JAKEMY JM-Y02 Precision Electric Screwdriver Set DIY tool repair kit(Accompanied by dubbing)

JAKEMY JM-8166 Professional Aluminium Alloy magnetic multi Screwdriver Set

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