OEM & ODM Jakemy Screwdriver Service.

Growing Business with Jakemy OEM & ODM Solution that Meet Your Specific Industry Needs.

For more than 20 years, Jakemy has provided high-quality screwdrivers to repair stations, outsourcing partners, self-operated E-commence, and supermarkets. From electric precision screwdrivers to Logo screwdriver custom, from screwdriver handles to screwdriver bits, we offer ODM & OEM screwdriver services to satisfy your specific needs. Choose Jakemy OEM screwdriver services, we can help you design and manufacture popular and innovative screwdrivers.

Repair Station

Jakemy provides the repair station with the tools needed to disassemble, fix and reassemble electronic devices.

Outsourcing Partner

Jakemy provides OEM and ODM products that can be licensed to outsourcing partners.

Self-Operated eCommerce

Jakemy provides OEM and ODM services for eCommerce merchants to simplify the process of manufacturing the products.


Jakemy provides supermarkets with custom screwdrivers that are qualified and affordable to meet every customer’s demands.

Gain Better Profitability with Jakemy OEM & ODM Solution that Meet Your Specific Industry Needs.

We offer a wide range of OEM and ODM screwdriver products to equip users for all use cases – from the electric precision screwdriver to personalized screwdriver set, we have it all. Whether they want to repair electric devices or household appliances, Jakemy’s OEM and ODM solutions feature robust built features and intelligence designs that enable users to receive the best outcome.

Stylish & Unique Design

Jakemy always focuses on innovation. From screwdriver analysis, and market research to different trends and selling points, we try to combine unique ideas and consumers’ needs into screwdrivers.

Competitive Pricing

Besides the good quality and innovative design, Jakemy offers you competitive prices on OEM screwdrivers. With Jakemy, we can help you boost your business at a lower cost and fast speed.

Strict Quality Control

Each type of screwdriver has its independent production process and standard to ensure good performance. Under strict quality control, we inspect at least 3000 screwdrivers per day while not compromising on-time delivery.

Mass Production Support

With 6 production lines and many machines to manufacture screwdrivers, Jakemy can quickly respond to your specific requirements. From small batches to big orders, we can deliver your screwdrivers on time.

With Jakemy OEM & ODM Screwdriver Services

√  Over 20 Years in the Screwdriver Industry

√  Innovation Design & Market Trends

√  OEM Screwdriver at Lower Budget

√  Screwdriver Business Guidance & Support

Jakemy, the best screwdriver manufacturer in China, has more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing different types of screwdrivers, including electric screwdrivers, precision screwdrivers, ratchet screwdrivers, etc. Our raw materials are imported from renowned brands such as Sinopec, Baosteel, Chimei, and Sinosteel, etc. We not only ensure good quality, but quick delivery. Choose Jakemy, your reliable OEM & ODM screwdriver partner.

Screwdriver Custom Service

We Provide One-stop Screwdriver Solution

Our main goal is customer satisfaction, which we obtain through market orientation and ongoing service and support allocation.

Screwdriver Custom Process

Let us know your requirements. Only in 3 steps, we will turn your ideas into reality.

Step 1: Communication

Our sales teams have supported over 50.000 customers to design their screwdrivers. We can fully understand your requirements and solve any problems within 12 hours.

Step 2: Visual Design

Based on your specific requirements, our design team will begin to design your screwdrivers about 10 to 14 days.

Step 3: Mass Production

After confirming the screwdriver sample, your order will be normally finished in 14 days.

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