Best Household Hardware Screwdriver Set Series in Jakemy

What is a household hardware screwdriver set series for?

Whether you are going out or at home, a handy screwdriver is very important. The quality and feel of the screwdriver is also important aspect of improving work efficiency. In the course of use, you may find that even if you have a toolbox at home, the bit and the size are not correct, they cannot meet different needs, increasing the difficulty and time of work. Therefore, the multi-functional precision household screwdriver set has been widely used it. application.

As a professional household precision screwdriver supplier, Jakemy provides a series of different types of magnetic precision screwdriver sets for household hardware screwdrivers, which provide users with more convenience and choices to meet the high requirements and high standards of users’ daily lives.

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What products does the household hardware screwdriver set series include?

As people have higher and higher requirements for the precision and variety of home maintenance equipment, the hardware screwdriver set series provided by Jakemy can be used in the application of the corresponding screwdriver set according to the different needs of households. Jakemy provides complete precision screwdriver set solutions and application scenarios to make your life easier.

According to different needs, this user-friendly hardware screwdriver set series is mainly divided into six products, which can be used in bicycle repair, home assembly, home appliance repair, etc. A suitable screwdriver set can better share family work and will be better Enjoy it.

Model JM-6125 60 In 1

Model JM-6125 60 In 1

Model JM-6125 60 In 1 High-End Home Improvement Screwdriver Set is designed for bicycle repair, model disassembly, home assembly, home appliance repair, mechanical repair, and digital product disassembly.

This high-end home improvement screwdriver set provided by Jakemy adopts an all-metal surface and frosted treatment, embossed logo, highlighting taste, and very texture. It has 47 kinds of matte chrome-plated screwdriver bits, high-precision bite, and doubles anti-rust treatment, making the whole configuration Hard but not brittle, 9 matte chrome vanadium steel sleeves increase infinite possibilities for home outdoor maintenance. The packaging is opened and closed with magnetic attraction, which is convenient to carry. It can be used in a variety of scenarios, including self-service maintenance and household appliance maintenance. Mechanical maintenance and dismantling of digital products, etc., the handle has an afterburner hole, which can effectively increase the torque, 12 different combinations, and can also be used with different accessories.

In short, this high-end household screwdriver set can calmly respond to various maintenance scenarios, Is your wise choice.

69 in 1 Telecom ratchet screwdriver tool kit JM-6111 

69 in 1 Telecom ratchet screwdriver tool kit JM-6111 is a high-quality screwdriver kit provided by Jakemy. A variety of specifications can meet different needs. It can be used with various nuts. It is designed for professionals and is suitable for digital products and furniture. Maintenance and large electrical appliances can easily solve the angle problem for you.

The Telecom ratchet screwdriver tool kit adopts TDR materials, both inside and outside. There is inner support inside the box so that each screwdriver and sleeve are neatly stored. It is equipped with a super practical buckle, which is durable and not easy to deform. The flip cover uses three joints. Segmented cross-shaft hinge design, the box contains detailed example drawings and instructions, clearly showing all the tools included, with 9 chrome vanadium steel sets and 56 chrome vanadium steel screwdrivers and adjustable ratchet handles, using TPR handles Non-slip, fully ergonomic, the ratchet wheel is made of CRV material, the hardness can be as high as 50-52HRC, and the internal strong magnet can be easily and quickly sucked in the bit.

It comes with a ratchet lock gear and includes an adjustable angle button. The handle can be rotated and adjusted by 180 degrees, and there are two options free rotation and fixed mode. The large ratchet handle is a professional hardware handle, and the small ratchet handle is labor-saving and very convenient to use.

Model JM-6111 69 In 1

Model JM-6113 73 In 1

73 in 1 Household & precision repair tool kit JM-6113 

73 in 1 Household & precision repair tool kit JM-6113 is a household tool kit provided by Jakemy.

The screwdriver kit is equipped with two types of screwdrivers and a variety of different types of screwdrivers, which can be replaced according to actual operating needs, allowing you to use it during use Simple and fast.

The outer box of the tool set is made of industrial-grade PC ABSplastic, with a transparent and reinforced cover and a new push switch, which is firm and beautiful. Multi-angle ratchet handle with 180°rotation design: freely select rotation mode or fixed mode operation. The H4 ratchet handle is equipped with a strong magnetic drill bit and a three-speed ratchet: it makes the maintenance of large furniture more convenient. The 1/4 ratchet handle is designed with a non-slip texture: equipment uses a strong magnetic joint and a three-speed ratchet, which is easy to use. H4 extended hard rod, H4 multi-angle extended soft rod, and 1/4 strong magnetic extension rod can be matched with a 1/4 handle that resembles a ratchet wheel, allowing you to easily solve stubborn screws in narrow areas.

In short, this precision screwdriver set from Jakemy can meet the needs of ordinary households and the ordinary maintenance of furniture and home appliances. It is the right choice for you.

31 in 1 Professional maintenance tool set JM-6121 

31 in 1 Professional maintenance tool set JM-6121 adopts a high-strength storage box with an anti-collision design, which can effectively protect tools from external impacts.

Multi-angle ratchet handles, precision screwdriver handles, and various types of extension rods can quickly adjust the working angle, improve work efficiency, and save time.

This professional repair tool set is suitable for applications such as household appliances, furniture repair, and general car maintenance.

Model JM-6121 31 In 1

Model JM-6124 48 In 1

48 in 1 Household precision repair tool set JM-6124 

The 48 in 1 Household precision repair tool set JM-6124 switch provided by Jakemy has a magnetic attraction, which can be opened with one button, which is convenient and firm.

It has 45 screwdriver bits nails and adjustable length ratchet handles and nails removers, but the whole box is small. Lightweight, easy to carry and takes up less space, the rich service screwdriver model can quickly help you solve the problem, and you can always find a suitable model.

Jakemy supports customized services, bulk ordering, packaging customization, and accessory changes. There is always one that you need, so you can easily belong to your own brand.

31 in 1 Professional maintenance tool set JM-6123 

Jakemy is an established and trusted wholesaler of precision screwdrivers.

This 31 in 1 Professional maintenance tool set JM-6123 uses a multi-angle adjustable ratchet screwdriver. It can improve work efficiency while saving labor and speed.

The bit is made of chromium-molybdenum steel (s-2), refined hardened industrial surface electroplating, anti-rust treatment hardness, and double toughness standards, ensuring sufficient torque and precision, and a strong magnet is installed inside, which solves the problem of old-fashioned screwdrivers. It can’t absorb the defects of screws for a long time. The bit sockets are aluminum alloy rods, which are automatically adsorbed and tightly integrated. At the same time, they are equipped with various types of screwdrivers. One set can easily solve maintenance problems.

Jakemy is a professional screwdriver supplier. The set of screwdriver components has a wide range of applications, not only for bicycle repairs, furniture repairs, this Professional maintenance tool set is also suitable for home appliance repairs for mobile phones, computers, and tablets. It has a wide range of applications. There is always the one you need.

Model JM-6123 31 In 1

Why choose Jakemy as your household hardware screwdriver set supplier?

Jakemy is a modern enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, and customer service. It is a trusted supplier of precision screwdriver sets and a leading benchmark enterprise in the professional field of precision screwdrivers.

In the household hardware screwdriver set series, Jakemy provides six products according to different needs to meet your needs and different applications. As an experienced professional precision screwdriver set supplier, Jakemy has been in Asia, It is very popular in Europe, Africa and South America. It has more than 15 years of leading expertise in the manufacture, export business and production of precision screwdrivers and other repair tools. At the same time, it provides customers with OEM&ODM services to meet various DIY repair needs. We have been developing different types of products based on the ever-changing marketing of screwdriver manufacturers. All in all, Jakemy is your reliable supplier of household hardware screwdriver sets.

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About the advantages of Jakemy household hardware screwdriver sets

Jakemy divides the series of household hardware screwdriver sets into six screwdriver sets with different functions according to user needs, 60-in-1 high-end home improvement screwdriver set, 69-in-1 telecommunications ratchet screwdriver kit, 73-in-1 household and precision repair kit, 31-in-1 Professional repair tool set, 48 in 1 household precision repair tool set, 31 in 1 professional repair tool set. As a trusted supplier of precision screwdrivers, the advantages of Jakemy products are beyond doubt.

1.Multi-angle ratchet handles, precision screwdriver handles, a wide variety of nails and a 180°rotating design of multi-angle ratchet handles, let you save time and improve efficiency.

2.The minimum order quantity: 10-20, the minimum order quantity is not large, and funds can be arranged reasonably. As a loyal fan of Jakemy, you can also have the advantage that the more you order, the more affordable the price.

3.Provide one-stop solution ODM and OEM customized services. According to your different needs, professional design and engineer team participate and cooperate, so that you can easily own your own brand.

4.Household hardware screwdriver sets series products have a number of self-developed product patent certifications to ensure your quality, which is your unique choice.

Jakemy household hardware screwdriver set series is a complete product that improves efficiency, convenient life, and enhances the quality of life. Compared with other hardware screwdriver sets, it supports OEM/ODM services and customer-specific services. You can quickly maintain a satisfactory precision screwdriver set within its wide range of use. Jakemy provides different high-quality one-stop solutions for precision screwdrivers, including household hardware screwdriver set solutions, telecommunication repair screwdriver component solutions, electric and DIY repair kit solutions, and their accessories. As a veteran screwdriver wholesaler, we also enjoy great discounts for loyal users. Welcome to click to learn about Jakemy’s household hardware screwdriver set series products and corresponding solutions and services.

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