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What is an electric repair tool used for?

A set of electric repair tools for maintenance is often pointed to an electronics screwdriver kit. Compare to a manual screwdriver, a precision electric screwdriver is a portable electric device that allows you to screw and unscrew effortlessly. They are characterized by intelligence, electricity, and precision. They are often designed to be portable and miniature for ease of use. With a precision electronic screwdriver, you can complete the work more accurately and faster.

25 in 1 JM-Y04

What products does the electric repair tool series include?

Maintenance for personal electronic products is becoming more commonplace, and the need for sophisticated and motorized repair tools grows. Precision electric screwdrivers focus on efficiency, durability, and maneuverability. Jakemy can provide many types of mini electric precision screwdrivers for you to select.

According to different needs, this series of electric repair tools mainly includes five products. They apply to the maintenance of cell phones, tablets, cameras, displays, laptops, glasses, etc. According to our latest technology, many functions have been upgraded, which can meet your needs for skin-friendly design and more intelligent functions.

21 in 1 JM-Y01

21 in 1 JM-Y01

1.21 in 1 JM-Y01 is an intelligent precision electric screwdriver with a low-key and luxurious appearance. It is exquisite and small, giving you the best feel and experience. The black shell goes through 10 parts of complicated procedures and 550℃ of high-temperature point infection, which makes the paint and plastic work better together. Even if it is used for a long-time, it will be the same as the new one.

You can feel a skin-friendly feeling in this carefully designed product. The working performance of JM-Y01 can also be guaranteed. Its duration is of 90 days, it can be charged with 220V AC for 1.5 hours and with 5V USB voltage for 4 hours. It can work in 1.5 hours of full loaded condition or 3-4 hours of no-loaded condition. JM-Y01 is with powerful functions. It is omnipotent from small products to large products. It rotates 100R/Min and only takes 1 second to remove a screwdriver. It can be illuminated in all directions with 4 LED downlights which makes it great for working in the dark. It also has a pulse mode. JM-Y01 would automatically open pulsed mode when it is locked-rotor. In general, JM-Y01 is an essential home product that takes care of your life from the details.

Model JM-Y06

Model JM-Y06 is an intelligent precision electric screwdriver provided by Jakemy. It is a concise version of JM-Y01. It is 16 in 1 while JM-Y01 is 21 in 1. Model JM-Y06 has the same skin-friendly touch as JM-Y01. Also equipped with powerful torsion with lighting. With a slight difference, JM-Y06 is matte black, while JM-Y02 is original black. We carefully selected 14 kinds of S-2 bits for JM-Y06, which is more streamlined and more in line with your daily needs. It enjoys a duration time of 90 days and a full-loaded condition for 1.5 hours, no-loaded condition for 3-4 hours. JM-Y06 is both intelligent and safe. Its self-protection function is very complete. Whether it’s preventing high temperatures, overcharging, motor overload, or battery overuse.

Model JM-Y06

25 in 1 JM-Y04

25 in 1 JM-Y04

25 in 1 JM-Y04 is a dual dynamics precision electric screwdriver. To be exact, JM-Y04 is a set of precision electric screwdriver repair tools with a magnetic measuring mat for electronics. It is dual dynamics that the handle support manual and electric operation. Its manual maximum torque is 3N.M, and electric maximum torque is 0.3N.M. Its maximum speed is up to 395 RPM. In this set, we specially select 21 kinds of CR-V screwdriver bits that are more suitable for daily use. It uses batteries as an energy supply, the battery is removable and replaceable. The 145000 Lithium battery gives the product a 180-day standby time and 3-hour duration. Bringing you an uninterrupted operating experience.

Of course, the electric screwdriver is with 4 LED shadowless light, it can maintain brightness in the darkness. When it comes to practical use, JM-Y04 can work with a magnetic measuring mat. The mat has been tracing and measuring two functions. Small accessories can be attracted easily and it is more convenient to work.

Jakemy not only focuses on the powerful functions of JM-Y04 but also focuses on its experience of it. These precision electric screwdrivers are of well-crafted quality and graceful appearance. It is smooth like a pen, and when it operates, it is labor-saving. JM-Y04’s lightweight design is born for easy daily use.

43 in 1 JM-Y03 PLUS

43 in 1 JM-Y03 PLUS is an upgrade provided by Jakemy. Like the JM-Y04, JM-Y03 PLUS is a dual dynamics precision electric screwdriver. The dual dynamics are the driving force for infinite creativity. These intelligent precision screwdriver bits apply to household appliances such as cameras, radios, computers, mobile phones, UAV, etc. The upgraded JM-Y03 has a brand new professional configuration. In the PLUS version, we focused on optimizing the chip, the upgraded chip greatly increases efficiency, which provides you a highly efficient and comfortable experience. As for sustainability, JM-Y03 PLUS enjoys an ultra-long standby time of 180 days and a duration time of 3 hours when fully charged. Its power supply battery can be removed and replaced at any time, bringing you an uninterrupted operating experience. This dual dynamics precision electric screwdriver is multifunctional and makes it easy to handle repair problems. The pen shape design is exquisite and flexible. In addition, coupled with its compact size, you can carry it wherever. It can meet all daily maintenance demands.

43 in 1 JM-Y03 PLUS



JM-Y02 PLUS is an upgrade 42 in 1 precision adjustable torque electronic screwdriver set for maintenance.  This electronic repair tool kit is with an aluminum alloy handle is dedicated to precision electronic product maintenance. Our small electronics screwdriver kit JM-Y02 PLUS is upgraded from JM-Y02. The upgrade contents mainly include three aspects.

Firstly, it is the outer packaging upgrade. The Kraft carton packaging makes it lighter, portable, and more effectively protects the safety of electric screwdrivers and parts from damage. Secondly, we increased the number of screwdriver bits. The screwdriver bits are upgraded from 14 bits to 40 bits. It will be able to cover more precision electronic repairs as well as more popular niche electronic products. Thirdly, it is the charging port upgrade. The new version uses the Type-C charging port to make charging more stable, safe, and not easy to be damaged. As for use, the slim handle gripe in one hand and skin-friendly texture give you a good experience. Using an adjustable torque electronic screwdriver for maintenance has many advantages. It helps to improve the overall accuracy of repairs.  

As a result, it saves your time and energy in the long run. If you are looking for a better way for electronic products maintenance, then it is worth considering the JM-Y02  It applies to the maintenance of cell phones, tablets, cameras, displays, laptops, and glasses.

Why choose Jakemy as your precision electric screwdriver set supplier?

As a professional screwdriver manufacturer, Jakemy has an independent R&D team for independent product development and update, an independent factory and warehouse, as well as equipment for R&D and processing of products, and rich experience in manufacturing and exporting various hand tools and outdoor tools.

In the electric repair tool series, Jakemy provides five products according to different needs to meet your needs and different applications. And according to our latest technology, many functions have been upgraded, which can meet your needs for skin-friendly design and more intelligent functions. As an experienced professional precision screwdriver set supplier, Jakemy has been in Asia, It is very popular in Europe, Africa, and South America.

Jakemy has more than 15 years of leading expertise in the manufacture, export business, and production of precision screwdrivers and other repair tools. At the same time, it provides customers with OEM&ODM services to meet various DIY repair needs. We have been developing different types of products based on the ever-changing marketing of screwdriver manufacturers. All in all, Jakemy is your reliable supplier of precision electric screwdrivers.

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About the advantages of Jakemy electric repair tool

Jakemy divides this series of electric repair tools into five sets of electric precision screwdrivers with different functions according to user needs. They are 16-in-1 intelligent precision electric screwdrivers, 21-in-1 intelligent precision electric screwdriver set, 25-in-1 dual dynamics precision electric screwdriver, 43-in-1 dual dynamics precision electric screwdriver, and 42-in-1 precision adjustable torque electronic screwdriver set.  Jakemy electric repair tool is suitable for multiple repair scenarios. They are a great replacement for your manual screwdriver. All the advantages of an electric precision screwdriver can be found on Jakemy’s product.

1. Skin-friendly texture and smooth like a pen, exquisite and small with ultra-long standby time, is illuminated in all directions with 4 LED downlights, the portable intelligent electric device allows you to screw and unscrew effortlessly.

2. Skin-friendly texture and smooth like a pen, exquisite and small with ultra-long standby time, is illuminated in all directions with 4 LED downlights, the portable intelligent electric device allows you to screw and unscrew effortlessly.

3. Provide one-stop solution ODM and OEM customized services. According to your different needs, the professional design and engineer team participate and cooperate, so that you can easily own your own brand.

4. Electric repair tool series products have a number of self-developed product patent certifications to ensure your quality, which is your unique choice.

Give your wrist a break! Some electronic devices have many screws holding them together. It makes repairs and takedowns with a manual screwdriver a tiring task. Jakemy precision electric screwdriver perfectly fixes all your maintenance. With years of R&D experience and data feedback, compared with other electric screwdrivers, Jakemy’s electric precision screwdrivers are faster, safer,  and more portable, suitable for more sophisticated electronic product repairs.

Jakemy provides different high-quality one-stop solutions for precision screwdrivers, including household hardware screwdriver set solutions, telecommunication repair screwdriver component solutions, electric and DIY repair kit solutions, and their accessories. As a veteran screwdriver wholesaler, we also enjoy great discounts for loyal users. Welcome to click to learn about Jakemy’s household hardware screwdriver set series products and corresponding solutions and services.

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