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Who Is Jakemy

As a professional manufacturer of precision screwdrivers, Jakemy produces products with integrity and quality and has a good reputation in the hardware industry. We are committed to designing high-quality impeccable precision screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers, advanced mobile phone repair tools, manual tools, and tool accessories to create a unique and overwhelming brand effect. Our precision screwdrivers are mainly used for the maintenance, disassembly, and assembly of electronic appliances and other household equipment. The products meet the actual needs of users. In addition, we have our own factory with thousands of square meters of production workshops to provide customers with various A variety of customized services, such as pre-sales services, OEM and ODM services, are strictly in accordance with European CE standards, to ensure the quality of each product, and create more value for customers.

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About Precision Screwdriver

At present, Jakemy’s self-developed products are roughly divided into six series according to the purpose and usage scenarios.

Household hardware screwdriver series

The household hardware screwdriver series are mainly suitable for family needs. The precision screwdriver kit is basically a hardware hand tool that every family must-have, and ours The household hardware screwdriver set is a series of different types of magnetic precision screwdriver sets, providing customers with more convenience and choices.

Telecommunication repair screwdriver set series

The telecommunication repair screwdriver set series adopts a light and compact design, repairs various electronic equipment, and is suitable for electronic repairs.

Electric maintenance tools

Electric maintenance tools Provide an integrated mini electric precision screwdriver set, which is upgraded with the latest technology. The minimum order quantity is also 20-30 sets, which greatly reduces the difficulty of high MOQ for suppliers and agents.

DIY repair kit

The DIY repair kit is used for electronic DIY repair, providing a variety of convenient disassembly and assembly, and exquisite and small accessories.

The different screwdriver kits Jakemy provides can adapt to different types and application scenarios and are easy to carry.

What Can Jakemy Offer?

The essential features of a precision screwdriver set are versatility and practicality; a wide range of compact and sophisticated precision screwdriver sets can better demonstrate our professionalism and further increase the desire of distributors as well as agents to wholesale and join us. And a high-quality precision screwdriver set can become a brand symbol or even a classic collection that will be passed down through generations. This is what competence aims to bring to our customers.

How could we possibly realize that?

  • Independent factory, automated production plant, in-house research and development, integrated testing, and research.
  • Specialized in the production of precision screwdriver tools, tool accessories, and other products, focused on conducting research and development of new products to keep pace with the times. We have a reasonable MOQ setting and can offer OEM & ODM services at a discounted price for a certain amount of purchase, the higher the purchase amount the higher the discount.
  • We have a number of self-developed product patents, a team of professional lawyers, and a global brand operation team. We are a trustworthy wholesaler of precision screwdrivers, which fundamentally protects the rights and interests of our products and customers.
  • Focus on OEM/ODM processing custom projects, we have a team of experienced designers and engineers, we can provide drafting requests for 3D operations upfront, they can help you to confirm accuracy before production and turn ideas into reality, focus on OEM/ODM processing, strictly after high quality and high standard testing, so that you can easily have your own brand products.
  • Offering a one-stop solution customization service, once you share your ordering requirements with us, Jakemy will find a solution for any of your requirements, discuss its feasibility and reasonableness and you will have the complete package at home.

Why Choose Jakemy As Your Long-term Partner?

Strict quality inspection

Jakemy precision screwdriver wholesalers are different from other suppliers. Because we meet the expectations of customers in many countries with perfect quality and reasonable prices, all our details must be accurately confirmed before production, and high standards and strict tests are carried out. According to different needs, Jakemy provides OEM/ODM services to meet different needs.

Brand registration certificate and patent certificate

As a supplier with customized screwdriver bits and customized screwdriver kit projects, we have long-term cooperation with the most important distributors and agents in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America. Brand certification and product quality and safety are the most important. Jakemy has certifications, CE certifications, and design patent certificates from many countries to enhance the professionalism of its own brand and gain more customer recognition.

Quality service

As a professional manufacturer of precision screwdrivers, Jakemy adheres to the value of customer satisfaction as the guide, based on honest management, and becomes a long-term and reliable screwdriver wholesale partner for customers. We provide free consultation services for drafting requests for 3D operations, customized one-stop solutions, professional teams discuss its feasibility and rationality, and give you unique reference suggestions, so that you can always see your products at a glance. If you have any feedback or comments, we have a professional team of lawyers and consultants and an operation team, and we will reply as soon as possible to give a solution.

Efficiency improvement

Since the start of automated production, the production speed of batch orders has increased significantly, and the production time of finished products has been shortened while ensuring that the production efficiency and quality of the products are higher. The methods mentioned above are all about maximizing efficiency and saving costs. . Distributors and agents with a certain bulk purchase list can enjoy more preferential OEM&ODM and other services. The more the amount, the more the discount. Any inquiries or feedback on product customization will be greatly welcomed. Distributors and agents are welcome to join our team.

Advanced technology

Different from other suppliers, Jakemy provides new products and more choices that are constantly released every quarter. Not only one of the accessories, Jakemy, as a long-established screwdriver wholesaler, offers different preferential amounts to customers who have a large and large order. If an order reaches a certain number, it can be customized according to the different needs of users. Each one is of perfect quality and price. Reasonable, make your product unique.

Jakemy screwdriver wholesale can benefit you from different aspects, including user experience and commercial applications. In the choice of precision screwdriver customization, we provide support OEM/ODM services and customer-specific services. In the screwdriver manufacturing process, we have a professional team of lawyers and consultants and a global brand operation team to complete the entire solution with the customer as the center. Jakemy is a reliable supplier of precision screwdriver components. The MOQ is small. Welcome to consult and order. The more you order, the greater the discount you can enjoy.

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Our vision is to provide better products, professional services, and targeted precision screwdriver solutions for all mankind, and create trendy, young, portable, high-quality precision screwdriver set and their accessories with a wide range of applications.