It is essential for repairing groups to have tool bags filled with all the mandatory tools of strong quality. For this, opting for an appropriate screwdriver manufacturer that ensures the quality of its products is extremely important. Among all the manufacturers, it is rare for one to have years of experience while keep rolling out new developing products for years. But Jakemy makes it. Jakemy screwdriver sets, since they were launched, have received positive responses from different markets.


So, here is the chance for you to visit the place where the Jakemy screwdriver sets are born.


Jakemy- Best Precision Screwdriver Set Brand 

Jakemy has made its mark in producing the best technology products. We are a company holding an experience of providing our clients with the best.


As a professional precision screwdriver set supplier, we focus immensely on our product’s quality and thus are able to deliver our products to the world. Our screwdriver kits, hand tools, electrical screwdrivers, and repair tools for cell phones are leveraged in various fields. What’s more, we also provide custom service, being your Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM/ODM. And here, we will have a complete introduction to our customization services, which is the engine for a series of precision screwdriver sets to come out.


  1. Information gathering

Researching and coordinating the product detail is the initial step before putting a business into the market. When it comes to tools, most companies initiate their one-time research and just go to the production process. That’s why they struggle to progress.


We understand that every product requires research and full comprehension of the customers’ requirements to keep up with the standards of the market. That is why Jakemy’s screwdriver set is versatile and is able to boast such popularity in the market.


Our R&D team is responsible for keeping up with the product and market research in order to produce required products that are pragmatic. And the next step is to visualize the requirement. We will offer product drafts to ensure the products can meet your desire. 



  1. Production and delivery

Our factory strength is strong enough to withstand mass ordering. However, quick production is not at the cost of quality. Sufficiency and high quality are our commitment to our clients, supported by our customization capability. The following aspects show our excellent OEM/ODM services:

– Complementary logo making 

– Products of strong quality 

– Quick and efficient delivery 

– Unique design that outcasts itself in the market 

– High-capacity productions 

– Affordable prices 


3. Production of New and Better Products: 

We strongly believe in betterment. Our products are never limited to a specific idea or design. We are always open to suggestions that would make our quality better. Moreover, we use strong and high-quality raw materials for our manufacturing processes. Besides that, our factory strongly focuses on manufacturing and experimenting with a wish to produce the best precision screwdriver set that makes repairing much easier.


Our production capability is strong as well. We know the need for tools out there, which is why our experienced workers are trained to produce a large number of goods in a short time. Adding to the strong production and design capability is that Jakemy screwdriver sets are able to be certified worldwide. Together, they have made a series of best precision screwdriver sets.



Alright, I know you may say, is this a trip? Just hundreds of words and two or three pictures? It is, of course, not enough to know the birthplace of Jakemy screwdriver sets; the best precision screwdriver set in the markets, which have been sold to over 70 countries around the world, have wined Jakemy applause, have witnessed the development of Jakemy’s technology.



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