Electronic devices are one of the most important things we need in our lives, be it phones and tablets or personal computers. Following the high purchasing rate of electronic devices is the high demand for fixing. After all, most of them are quite expensive.


At this time, a precision screwdriver kit can be used on small parts and components without damaging them. A versatile kit can aid in removing and installing screws in tight areas where other screwdrivers wouldn’t fit and adjusting and repairing delicate electronics where a high level of precision is required.

That’s why we recommend a high-quality precision screwdriver kit from Jakemy to help those people or teams who want to get their fixing job done faster, easier, and more accurately than before.


JM-8189 from Jakemy – Updated Precision Screwdriver Kit

The JM-8189, an updated version from JM-8100 and JM-8101, two of our sought-after precision screwdriver kits, is a 32-in-1 precision screwdriver kit that comes with everything you need in one compact, easy-to-use package. It contains eight precision screwdriver bits (a total of 30 pcs of H4*28mm), a Screwdriver handle, and a T2-15 tweezer. Each screwdriver comes in its own slot and has been clearly labeled with its size, allowing you to identify the screwdriver head you need easily.

    • Update 1: More Adjustable and Appealing

JM-8189 comes with a 360° rotating back cap, and the magnetic connector of the handle can hold the screwdriver bit in place and prevent it from oscillating so that one can work with even one hand. Besides, the handle is ergonomically designed to be comfortable to apply for long periods without getting fatigued or hurting your hands.

The housing case of this precision screwdriver kit has been designed with a 300° rotating function that allows you to open the toolkit and access the tools inside easily. The case is made from high-quality transparent material that provides protection for the contents inside. All the tools can also be stored neatly inside, which makes it easy for you to carry them around when needed.



    • Update 2: Lighter While Maintaining Its Top Quality

All the screwdriver bits are made of nickel-plated material, making them durable enough to be used for years without damage or rust. The kit is extremely lightweight and portable. It weighs only 226g and measures 145*115*27mm, so it doesn’t take much space. The Jakemy screwdriver set has been tested for durability and precision and meets the standards for CE certification. It can be easily operated and help to facilitate the repairing process. 

    • Inheritance: Versatility

This precision tool kit is very versatile, and it can be used to perform different maintenance tasks. For example, you can use it to repair your glasses, children’s toys, small fans, and other household appliances, as well as fix small electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, cameras, and game consoles. It has been designed for professional technicians, computer repair experts, hobbyists, and other repair teams.



Supported by our strong productivity and investment in R&D, we can promote a series of precision screwdriver sets that have received great market responses. The updated screwdriver set, JM-8189, is a lively example. 



Our stunning performance can also be presented by our OEM/ODM services. For decades, we have received loads of orders from all around the world, with all kinds of requirements to which we strive to cater. We have cooperated with multiple groups, enterprises, and institutions worldwide, and to meet the increasingly complicated requirements of our clients, we have worked to develop our prowess. So it is why Jakemy can become the world’s leading precision screwdriver kit manufacturer.

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