A precision screwdriver set is similar to a standard screwdriver set. But it is smaller and has a sleeker handle design, so it can be applied to a wide range of telecommunication devices. To adapt to the ever-changing hand-tool needs, we, at Jakemy, have introduced new version of precision screwdriver sets in our series 8.


What We Can Expect from Jakemy’s New Arrival?

The new version precision screwdriver sets include a number of features that streamline telecommunication repairs and maintenance tasks. Some of these new features include:


1. Additional Color Schemes

In terms of aesthetics and color coordination, the new color scheme of the screwdriver sets adheres to the most recent tool trends. The dazzling yellow and quantum white screwdrivers come with a two-tone shade, but it is optional based on your target audience.

2. Advance Cork Sign Treatment

Jakemy’s new precision screwdriver sets feature fiber-etched markings with a high-gloss finish – an innovative design that is both durable and up to date. Moreover, the cork sign can also be made from eco-friendly, high-grade cork material that is smooth to the touch.


Both treatments offer their unique benefits. Fiber-etched markings are recommended to add more aesthetics to your products, while soft-touch cork material is the top option for businesses that opt for cost performance.

3. Six New Models of Screwdriver Bits for Broader Use

Screwdriver bits are attached to the end of precision screwdrivers to remove different types of screws from a variety of surfaces. All three of our new version precision screwdriver sets now include six different bits, expanding the functionality for customers.

4. Three-Pointed Crowns Shaped Screwdriver Bits

The three-pointed crown form on the screwdriver bits is a newly added design, developed exclusively for the new telecommunications repair screwdriver set to accommodate future technological improvements. This design, commonly known as the diamond cut, is crafted with a high-quality texture to match the authenticity.

5. Equipped with N35 Industrial-grade Strong Magnet

Featuring an N35 industrial-grade strong magnet, the handle is designed to increase the absorption capacity of the screwdriver bit that can easily remove various kinds of screws.

3 New Versions of Precision Screwdriver Sets

Our new version precision screwdriver sets are designed specifically for telecommunication repairs and maintenance.

1. JM-8186 (A)

The JM-8186 (A) is a telecommunications repair screwdriver set that features a TPR soft glue handle, which is available in black/yellow and white/grey color combinations. With 6 new models of screwdriver bits, it can be used for assembly and disassembly work.


2. JM-8186 (B)



The JM-8186 (B) features an innovative, compact design with 83 screwdrivers in a professional configuration for a wide range of tasks, including assembling and disassembling projects. Weighing approximately 0.600 kilograms, the screwdriver set ensures comfort and portability.

3. JM-8187


This new version precision screwdriver set consists of S-2 45 mm deep hole screwdriver bits and 25 mm CR-V screwdriver bits, along with the newly added three-point crowned shaped screwdriver bits. All 83 screwdrivers in the set offer excellent properties, such as strength, toughness, and resistance to wear and fatigue.

Applications of Jakemy New Arrival

Our new version precision screwdriver sets are designed with the latest tool trends and needs in mind. Be it an iPhone, gaming console, or any other electronic device, Jakemy’s products can be used at electronic repair stores, electronic assembly factories, and manufacturing services. They’re easy to use as well, so it doesn’t matter if your customers are amateurs or professionals.


1. What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

The minimum order quantity per product is 20 units.

2. What materials are screwdriver bits made from?

The screwdriver bits in our new version precision screwdriver sets are made from high strength, heat-treated S-2 steel and CR-V (chrome vanadium) to increase strength, toughness, and resistance to wear and fatigue.

3. How do I place an order?

After selecting your desired product, click the “Get a Quote” button. You will receive a brief questionnaire for informational purposes. Complete the form and send it to us; our customer service team will respond to you shortly.

4. Do you offer OEM and ODM customization?

Yes, OEM and ODM services are available. For more information about customization, contact us through our website at https://www.jakemy.com/


At Jakemy, we are proud to be recognized as a globally integrated manufacturer of electronic precision maintenance tools. We combine concept development, product design, production, OEM customization, ODM customization, sales, import and export trade, and services.


As a professional brand of precision screwdrivers, we intend to provide premium precision screwdriver kits, electric screwdrivers, advanced mobile phone repair tools, hand tools, and tool accessories, along with customized OEM screwdriver sets. To learn more about our new version precision screwdriver sets, visit our website at https://www.jakemy.com/