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Cube-shaped Magnetizer JM-Z21

Minimum Order Quantity: 100

Top screwdriver manufacturer Jakemy provides an innovative 360° rotation cube-shaped screwdriver magnetizer.

The Jakemy JM-Z21 screwdriver magnetizer is a useful tool in your life. It can magnetize or demagnetize your screwdriver bits in only 1 second, saving you time and effort. The screwdriver magnetizer produced by Jakemy is not only a repair tool, but a stress-relief toy and screwdriver holder box.

JM-Z21 screwdriver magnetizer & demagnetizer will be a highlight in the global market. Don’t hesitate to contact us. Jakemy will give you a high-quality product at a competitive price.

  • Color: Orange & Black / Purple & Black
  • Size: 75*85*45 mm(2.95*3.35*1.77in)
  • Single gross weight: 158.2 kg
  • Qualification: CE certification
  • Service: OEM & ODM
  • Packaging Include: Screwdriver Magnetizer * 1


 Features of Jakemy Z21 Screwdriver Magnetizer

Professional Tool


The JM-Z21 magnetizes and demagnetizes in 1 second, saving your time & effort. (The strength of the magnetism depends on the time of magnetization & demagnetization.)


Magnetized screwdriver bits gradually lose magnetism due to the heat or impact generated during use, and can be magnetized again by using magnetizes.


With a detachable design, the cube-shaped magnetizer can be separated from the base, easy to magnetize or demagnetize irregularly-shaped objects.

Screws &Screwdriver Holder



The base of the magnetizer can be used as a small parts storage box, providing a well-organized place for repair accessories such as screws, and mini screwdrivers.


JM-Z21 magnetizer is a cute and funny toolbox.

Stress-Relief Toy


The cube-shaped magnetizer can be placed on the base and rotated in 360 degrees, which adds more fun to the repair work.


With this innovative design, the screwdriver magnetizer can be a desktop gyroscope to relieve your stress.


Screwdriver Manufacturer Jakemy Since 1998

  Jakemy has been a leading screwdriver manufacturing company for over 20 years. Awarded with many CE certifications, Jakemy is highly recognized by the international market. Our high-quality mini screwdriver magnetizer and other repair tools have exported to more than 70 countries and regions worldwide, including Europe, South America, Asia, and the Middle East.

Jakemy can offer OEM/ODM and wholesale services for you. And we are committed to providing our customers with competitive, safe, reliable products and the best solutions, meeting our customer’s different needs.

If you are interested in Jakemy screwdriver magnetizer and other repair tools, please contact us and send your information. We will get back to you in 24 hours.


More detailed pictures about the Jakemy Z21 Screwdriver Magnetizer shown below

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