If you have a zeal for assembling PC parts, then you would need just a precision screwdriver to start with. Yes, the most crucial piece of equipment for building a gaming pc is a precision screwdriver, as with the assistance, you can turn a pile of components into a powerful PC. When you start using the right type of precision screwdriver, tight or loose thumbscrews cannot stand in your way.

Why is a precision screwdriver essential for PC building?

If you have at least some PC building experience, you would know how frustrating it gets when you drop screws here and there. Although these issues would not stop you from assembling your PC, the process takes longer than usual, and as a result, you lose the motivation. Surely you can even use a plier to tighten the screws of the motherboard, but the process would not be smooth, and your motherboard can also get harmed during the process. When you use the right PC building tool, such as a precision screwdriver, the result’s quality would be excellent. Even if you attempt to upgrade your PC, the best precision screwdriver set will offer you all the support you need to complete the project successfully.


Why is the quality of a precision screwdriver essential for PC building?

If you think that investing in any screwdriver set would guarantee you a powerful gaming PC, then you should get your facts right. Without the assistance of a high-quality precision screwdriver, you would end up getting distracted due to a lot of reasons. For instance, if the screw that you want to fasten loosens from your grip just to disappear somewhere in your workplace, what will be your next step? These instances are more common than you think, and professionals who have switched from available screwdrivers to high precision screwdrivers will also be able to relate to this.

1)  Using a Magnetic Screwdriver

A popular misconception discourages using a magnetic screwdriver for your PC building because some individuals think that the screwdriver’s magnetic potential can damage the PC components. There is no absolute truth to this, so you should not let this rumor hamper your work.

If you have assembled even one PC before, you would be able to recall at least one incident of pesky screws falling from your hand. This incident was usually followed by you tearing down the workplace to retrieve it. However, when you use the magnetic precision screwdriver set, it will hold on to your screws, which will ease the process of fastening it to the component.

Rest assured, the magnetic power of this precision screwdriver is not strong enough to damage your hardware. But the magnetic field formed in this screwdriver is powerful enough to hold on to the screws tightly when it comes in contact with it.


2)Different Types of Bits

After heavy usage of a precision screwdriver, you might feel that the potential is weakening as it is not holding the screws as firmly as before. When this occurs, you should not spend on a new set of a screwdriver if your precision screwdriver comes with an interchangeable lid. 

Only replacing the tip of the screwdriver with magnetic screwdriver bits will restore its potential. That is why it is always recommended to invest in a high-quality precision screwdriver because it offers cost-effectiveness.


3)Easy to Store

If you have limited space in your workplace, you can even find plenty of options for a compact precision screwdriver. Although such screwdrivers’ quality is robust, they are portable and can be easily stored anywhere. 


4)Small-Headed Screwdrivers

Some precision screwdrivers come with small heads, flat heads, hexagonal heads, etc. so to handle the development and maintenance of remote PCs. If you are in charge of designing PCs’ variable sizes, you should opt for this precision screwdriver. 


5)Long Neck

One of the reasons behind the popularity of precision screwdrivers among professionals is its gooseneck design. This enables the precision screwdriver to reach into hard-to-access corner areas to retrieve screws, as it becomes challenging when you try to do the same with your hands.


So, before you set out to develop the next PC, do not forget to check out the precision screwdriver available at Jakemy, one of the leading manufacturers of high-precision screwdriver sets.