If your current screwdriver driver is not reaching areas that are hard to access, you would need to do something about it. Furthermore, if you also work with small and fiddly screws most of the time and thus have a hard time managing those, then you need to replace your screwdriver set with a special electronic repair tool. That is why it is recommended to purchase magnetic screwdriver bits to match different screws in different appliances and devices.

How does a magnetic screwdriver work?

If you have even a little bit of experience in fixing devices, then you would have had at least one frustrating experience where the pesky little screws have jumped off your workbench just to disappear into a corner. However, you will manage to avoid such distracting experiences if you start working with magnetic screwdriver bits. 

The magnetic precision screwdriver set is named because the tool is passed through the magnetizer multiple times to trigger its magnetic potential. As a result of this, a magnetic field is formed within the tool, enabling it to hold on to the electrons of the small screws. Thus, with the help of magnetic screwdriver bits, you would not face any difficulty in attaching and holding on to the fiddly little screws in your workbench.


What are the benefits of using a magnetic screwdriver?

When you consider purchasing the best magnetic screwdriver, you need to buy a model that accepts magnetic bits. In other words, you should buy a magnetic screwdriver with interchangeable bits so that you can replace the lid when it starts wearing out. Therefore, whenever you feel that your magnetic screwdriver has lost its potential, you can just invest in new magnetic screwdriver bits instead of an entire magnetic screwdriver set.

Some of the potential benefits which you will experience once you accomplish all your tasks with a magnetic screwdriver are:

1)Does a good job at holding on to the screw

Magnetic screwdrivers are used by professionals for computer repairs, electrical repairs, and carpentry repairs when they try to reach hard-to-access areas. As the surface areas of the screws are minuscule, regular screwdrivers cannot attach them to the screws, and as a result, the screws slip away. However, since the magnetic screwdriver bits comprise powerful magnetic tips, the magnetic field created is so strong that the electrons in the screws align parallel to the magnetic field lines. Thus, the screwdriver is attracted by all the screws, but they remain attached until the user removes it from the tip deliberately.

2)Easy operations

When small screws slip out from your grip, the task becomes complicated and gets stretched unnecessarily. The user will only have to place the magnetic screwdriver bits into a bin of screws to attach the screws automatically. Therefore, with the help of the magnetic field of the magnetic screwdriver, you can tighten the screws much faster than a regular screwdriver will enable.

Working on hard-to-access areas

To place the screws on the screwdriver’s tip, you will have to search for a screw in the bin and retrieve it with your hand before positioning it. Although it might sound super comfortable, this task becomes challenging when you cannot place your hand to retrieve the screws just because it cannot be reached.

At times, the screws might be located in such hard-to-reach spots that no matter how much you try, you would not be able to place them using your hands. However, the magnetic screwdriver bits will attach to a screw when you put it near the bin of screws.

3)Protective properties of the magnetic tool to prevent the small screws from dropping

When working near automobile engine components, professionals prefer to use only the magnetic screwdriver bits. It is because even if a small screw slips out of hand and falls near the engine, you might have to tear down the entire workplace to remove it. That is why most professionals rely on magnetic screwdriver’s protective properties because it prevents every single screw from scattering all around the workplace.

Now that you have understood the advantages of including magnetic screwdriver bits in your workplace start looking for it in Jakemy, a leading manufacturer of high-precision magnetic screwdriver sets.