Earlier known as hand tools, the screwdriver was passed on from generation to generation since middle age. Centuries ago, when human beings used to rely on their expertise to build and repair their houses, they used to seek different types of screwdrivers. Even today, screwdrivers remain an essential tool because they offer ease of use. Screwdrivers come with bits fixed on their heads, and if these two are not compatible, you can damage the screws and the appliances you are working with.

Importance of Using the Screwdriver

If you own an electric precision screwdriver set, then you would how convenient it is to use such screwdrivers. Your workplace is probably filled with loose screws when you are on some assignment, and screwdrivers help you retrieve and fasten such screws in the right way.

Nowadays, screwdrivers are designed to help you to complete tasks much faster and allow you to work comfortably.

Furthermore, the drilling capacity of advanced screwdrivers provides a long-lasting effect. Also, there are different types of screwdrivers available on the market, and thus, you would need only a single screwdriver, which would help you accomplish diverse, complex tasks effortlessly. You might have struggled to find a single screw among a pile of other stuff, but when you use the most advanced screwdriver, it would never let the screw slip out from the hold.

Different Various Types of Screwdriver and Their Drive Styles

If you are a professional handyman, then you need to stock different types of screwdrivers to complete all the assigned tasks. Check out these to see whether you own some of these screwdriver bits types or you need to run to the store to grab it soon:

1.Slotted screwdriver

Also known as flat head screwdrivers, you can identify this screwdriver from its chisel-shaped blade. Although they were once a popular option for professionals, they are receiving less attention due to their inability to perform effectively when a lot of pressure is applied. Even though it is being used extensively across diverse fields, they tend to slip sideways from the slot when it cannot withstand the pressure, resulting in damages to the appliances.

2.Philips screwdriver

The Philips screwdriver is quite versatile, and thus you can use it across diverse industries, from furniture to electronics. The angled tip of such screwdrivers allows it to delve into the deep ends of the screw, and thus it does not slip sideways. However, upon application of a specific torque, these screwdrivers slip out. Over the years, Philips screwdrivers made their way into all professionals’ toolkits, and they have managed to replace slotted screwdrivers in some industries due to their usefulness.

3.Torx screwdriver

Although Torx screwdrivers were previously used only to construct and repair security devices, they are now being adopted by commercial sectors. The best way to distinguish this screwdriver from other different types of screwdrivers is by its flower-shaped blade. Torx screwdrivers have high tolerances, and users can easily take apart a device made of Torx screws with this screwdriver’s help.

4.Hex screwdriver

Popularly known as hex keys, these screwdrivers might look a bit unusual because they lack a handle or tip. You would often find them included alongside packaged furniture to enable an easy setup. Although hex screwdrivers were initially famous for cycle or bike maintenances, recently, they have turned out to be a favorite of furniture companies. More advanced versions of hex keys are extensively used in the maintenances of prison security systems.

5.Robertson screwdriver

Do not get surprised if you have not heard this precision screwdriver‘s name because it is pretty uncommon. However, you can differentiate it from the different types of screwdrivers with their square head. Robertson screws are applicable in the manufacturing sector because it is resistant to high torques. Even though square head screwdrivers are relatively unpopular than their counterparts, they have increasingly been included in various screwdriver sets because of their usefulness.

These are some of the most popular options of different types of screwdrivers that you can purchase for your workstation. Some other types of screwdrivers like cordless screwdrivers and magnetic screwdriver set are also worth mentioning. If you are overwhelmed with so many different types of screwdrivers options available, you can visit Jakemy’s product page to get your queries resolved.