Precision screwdrivers are devices that are used to deal with extremely small screws. Whenever you need to work with intricate devices, precision screwdrivers help you a lot. As the name suggests, precision screwdrivers are used when you need to be precise while dealing with the equipment. 


Jakemy screwdriver sets are the classic example of precision screwdrivers, as they help you to work with virtually every type of device. Most often, you will need these screwdrivers while dealing with calculators, watches, computers, mobile phones, and most of the electric equipment at your place. Precision tool kits are getting more popular since every gadget is getting smaller and smaller these days due to the rapid advance of technology. As the size of equipment decreases, you need these screwdrivers to deal with those objects precisely.


How to choose reliable precision screwdriver sets

However, it would help if you considered a few things while choosing a precision screwdriver. These things include:

    • Material

Screwdrivers are made up of alloys, which can secure the screwdrivers with extreme hardness and toughness. The tip is strengthened to withstand the constant screwing job. The material of the precision screwdriver is extremely crucial to determine so that you know if the screwdrivers are hard and durable enough to carry out the required job. Is it rust-prone or hard enough for the screwing job? These things are critically important before purchasing the precision screwdriver to get your hands on the best piece available.

    • Magnetic attraction force

A screwdriver’s large magnetic attraction force will make the fixing job easier. The tiny screw, especially for electronic devices like phones and switches, are hard to find once they fall on the ground. Therefore, screwdrivers with high suction force top the list of the purchase guide. 

    • After Sales and Customization Services

If a company is only trying to make a quick sale to you without offering any after-sale or customization services, it should raise alarm bells. Besides, the professional fixing teams will have specific requirements for their precision screwdriver sets. Therefore, if the manufacturer can offer customization services, it will save a lot more effort. 


Hottest Jakemy screwdriver sets in 2022

Jakemy screwdriver sets are available to solve most of your screwdriver needs. They come in various forms, allowing you to select the product of your need. Let’s see the hottest Jakemy screwdriver sets out there.


This Jakemy screwdriver set has the following distinctions:



    • 145 in-1 precision screwdriver set, meeting with all-round fixing requirements
    • Comes in a unique design: Diamond cut texture casing
    • Printing is done with advanced laser engraving technology for better design
    • Anti-slip engraving feel with the help of a rotating cap design
    • Included four types of 45 mm steel deep-hole screwdriver bits.
    • 116 pcs of CR-V screwdriver bits.
    • Convenient with most modern-day applications.

JM-8189 A/B

JM-8189 A/B precision screwdriver set comes up with the following features:



    • 8 type H4*28 mm screwdriver bits, which can be used in different kinds of applications.
    • Includes 30 pcs of screwdriver bits.
    • Easy maintenance and seamless disassembly with 300°rotating housing.
    • Easily carryable due to its lightweight of 220.8g


    • Four different gears help you to adjust the torque as per the needs of the screw you want to work on.
    • Fast and easily chargeable with a Type C 2.0 charger
    • Operational assist with four shadowless LED lights
    • Anti-slip texture for smooth working
    • Strong magnetic force

JM-8186 A/B

This precision toolkit has the following features:


    • 83 pcs in a single configuration means that this Jakemy screwdriver set is a one-stop solution for all of your screwdriver worries.
    • Comes in cyberpunk colors and designs
    • Unique packaging carrying every type of screwdriver bit.
    • 3D style handle coupled with a rotating cap at the bottom.



Jakemy is a reliable precision screwdriver partner ready to help its global customers. Our screwdriver sets come in different types, helping you to work with every type of screw present out there. Jakemy screwdriver sets are made after thorough research of modern-day screws, so they can be used in various applications. The renowned brand brings screwdriver sets of every type, ranging from household to telecommunication. Their reliance on preferring quality above everything else makes them stand out.

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