Jakemy has been a professional manufacturer of precision hand and electronics repair tools for over 20 years. We provide various tools and accessories used in different applications, including households, electronic works, mobile phones and laptop repairs, and other assembly and disassembly applications. 


Now we have introduced various new Jakemy tools that will provide unprecedented help to consumers who require finding precision tools for different types of applications. New Jakemy tools include a magnetizer capable of increasing your screwdrivers’ magnetism. Besides, Jakemy is also bringing screwdriver pens that will facilitate routine working. 


Jakemy New Tools

The top two new Jakemy tools include:


JM-Z21 is a magnetizer that can easily magnetize your screwdriver tips. A magnetizer is a device used to magnetize an object and increase the strength of an existing magnetic field in a material. This tool is used for magnetizing screwdrivers so that they can pick up screws when they come into their vicinity.

Jakemy’s magnetizer is a must-have tool for any professional mechanic. This small and portable device is specifically designed to magnetize your screwdrivers, making your work easier and more efficient.

With this magnetizer, you can quickly and easily magnetize any screwdriver. Insert your screwdriver into the opening and pull it out. The strong magnetic field generated by the device will magnetize the screwdriver, allowing you to pick up screws and other metal objects with ease.

Here are some features of this Jakemy tool.

  • It can magnetize/demagnetize in just 1 second, thus helping you save time.
  • The base of the magnetizer can be used to store accessories like screws and other things you might need while repairing something.What’s more, it has a unique and creative shape.
  • The magnetizer can be separated from the base when needed to assist you in magnetizing your screwdrivers.
  • Comes with the dimensions of 75*85*45 mm
  • Available in various colors, including orange and black or Purple and black.


With the sleek and modern design of Jakemy’s electric screwdriver pen, you can have exceptional style equipment with top-notch functionality simultaneously. The slim and ergonomic shape of the pen provides a comfortable grip and makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. And it also has the following edges:

  • It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery, whose 320mah battery life supports the powerful motor to work continuously. And it is proven to be possible to remove over 500 screws once they are fully charged.
  • The strong magnetic body adapts to a strong magnetic motor, allowing the powerful Jakemy tool to remove over 500 tiny screws.
  • 8 g lightweight body for better working experience
  • Electric or manual mode provided

This Jakemy tool has both electric and manual dual modes with a weight of only 54.8 g.


Jakemy is a manufacturer of precision hand tools and electronics repair tools for households, electronic works, mobile phones, laptop repairs, and other assembly and disassembly applications. We have introduced new tools, including a magnetizer that can magnetize screwdrivers in just one second, making work more accessible and more efficient. 

All Jakemy tools are perfect for professional teams who need to work on complicated work. Jakemy OEM screwdriver sets come with multiple screwdriver bits that can make your life easy. All of Jakemy’s tools are made with high-quality materials and are built to last for an extended period of time.