Jakemy is a leading and well-known brand of precision screwdriver sets. We offer high-quality electrical screwdrivers, hand tools, electronic accessories, etc. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective screwdriver, then the Jakemy screwdriver set will be your first choice. Why should you choose Jakemy as the best precision screwdriver set provider? If there is any problem with our products, how can Jakemy respond to it? You may have some FAQs similar to this.

In short, Jakemy screwdriver sets are top-quality, long-lasting products that come in various sizes, allowing you to work with any type of screw available on the market. To learn more about Jakemy screwdriver set products and FAQs, keep reading until the end.


Top 5 FAQs About Jakemy Screwdriver Set Products & Its ODM/OEM Services

1#. How Do I Deliver My Requests, Or How Is The ODM/OEM Service Process?

To deliver your requests or requirements while knowing Jakemy’s ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service process, look at the following 3-step process.

Step I: Discuss your core expectations and then submit your requirements.

Step II: Jakemy’s skilled designers will turn the collected data into a solid design. The design will be released within 10–14 days.

Step III: Once the sample is verified, Jakemy’s capacity for automatic production guarantees that you’ll receive your Jakemy products in about 14 days.

2#. Will My Items Be Delivered On Time And In The Quantity And Quality I Ask Or Request For?

Yes, Definitely. Jakemy responds to customers’ questions quickly and ensures that the product has been safely delivered on time, depending on their requested quantity or quality.


3#. What Is Competitiveness In Jakemy? Why Will I Choose Jakemy To Be The Precision Screwdriver Set Provider?

Global market orientation, ongoing high-quality services, and fast support quota are the competitiveness in Jakemy. Therefore, you’ll choose Jakemy as the best provider of precision screwdriver sets because of their top-notch, cost-effective, long-lasting products, 24/7 customer support, and fast customized services.


4#. If There Is Any Problem With The Goods, How Will Jakemy Respond To It?

No Worries! Jakemy will respond quickly to their customer’s needs and solve the problem based on the product’s issue. Our main goal is to make sure the customers are happy by giving them fast, high-quality, and personalized services.


5#. Any Recommendations About The Screwdriver Set To Facilitate The Phone Fixing?

Yes, Absolutely. Jakemy provides innovative tools within your reasonable budget for fixing mobile phones. Just look at the following benefits of the Jakemy electric screwdriver sets that facilitate mobile phone fixing and others.



  • It’s convenient for all electronic products with particular structures like cell phones, cameras, game controllers, and so on.
  • The cap can be turned 360° effortlessly, and it’s flexible and easy to use.
  • This Jakemy screwdriver set is small, thin, and light enough that you can hold it with one hand.
  • Having eight types and 30 new models with a wide range of applications.



  • Excellent anti-slip texture with lightweight aluminum alloy-based handle.
  • A solid rotating cap with a mute bearing.
  • Keeping screws from getting lost because they can quickly magnetize accessories.
  • Saving money and making your work more efficient at the same time.
  • Since the total weight is 34g, it’s handy and goes faster.
  • This Jakemy screwdriver set takes less energy to fix any cell phone.


  • Four different gears allow you to adjust the power output to the needs of the screw you’re working on.
  • Dual-dynamics (manual and electric) mode meets all of your needs while tripling your productivity.
  • This Jakemy screwdriver set has a gearbox made of metal, which keeps the screwdriver bit in the same place.
  • The front end of the slim screwdriver handle is made with an anti-slip design.
  • Six commonly used 28-mm screwdriver bits that will help you fix things around the house or office.
  • This Jakemy screwdriver set has high accuracy and a high level of hardness that helps to fix mobile phones, watches, and other electronic products.



After reading this article, we hope you’ve got your FAQ answers about Jakemy screwdriver set products, as well as knowing our personalized ODM/OEM services.

As an experienced and renowned producer of precision screwdriver sets, Jakemy provides the best quality products within your reasonable budget. Innovation and exceeding customer expectations always drive us.

Don’t forget to contact us to learn more about Jakemy screwdriver set items and its services.
Best of luck!