An ODM or OEM service is the one in which the brand is solely responsible for product creation. Customers may develop their own designs or concepts, and a prominent brand in these services will assist them in manufacturing their requirements optimally.


Jakemy, a globally renowned screwdriver set wholesale brand, manufactures under their brand name in addition to providing ODM or OEM services. In this blog post, the professional OEM and ODM team from Jakemy will be sharing what is OEM and ODM services for precision screwdriver sets and their critical importance.


OEM and ODM Screwdriver Set Process

  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Screwdriver wholesalers always seek high-quality precision screwdriver sets through OEM services. To obtain a customized design, consumers must first offer their specifications to the company. Then, a sample will be generated based on the information provided by the customer.


When confirmed, this sample is then sent to the factory for product validation purposes right after placing the order. The order will be processed further to ensure efficient manufacturing and quality control. Once the process is completed, the order is packed, shipped, and delivered to the specified location.

  • ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

When it comes to ODM, you can select an existing sample, customize it remotely, and have it mass-produced. However, you can have your brand name designed by the service providers. After the brand name is protected by copyright, the product is completely constructed and proofread by professionals. The finished product is then packaged securely and transported to the destinations specified by the purchaser.


Reasons to Choose OEM and ODM Services


OEM or ODM precision screwdriver sets are an excellent method to provide your business with increased value for money and various other benefits described below.

1. Unique Design and Prototype

Precision screwdriver sets manufactured via OEM or ODM services feature a unique design, as the screwdriver set manufacturer builds the product concept around the customer’s ideas and specifications. You can have service providers experiment with your own offered solutions based on unique conceptions and the requirements of your task.

2. Quality Assurance

Quality precision screwdriver sets are an investment for your business. While higher-quality products are more expensive at first, they will last longer and prove to be well worth the investment in the long term.


Working with an ODM or OEM service provider ensures quality because you may browse through many requirements and options to ensure the best quality that will work best for your needs.

3. Customization

OEM services are the best option when you want your precision screwdriver sets to match your company’s theme, logo, and aesthetic design. OEM and ODM manufacturers assist you in adapting your brand name to a variety of items while also entirely customizing it to your ideas and personal benefits.

4. Advanced Product Treatment

Advanced product quality planning ensures a project’s quality by outlining the complete process and quality control elements before the product’s development. OEM/ODM service providers assist in putting together each phase and ensuring that the project remains on track throughout the manufacturing stage.

5. One-stop Solution

As an OEM/ODM screwdriver manufacturer, Jakemy assists customers in achieving all their requirements under one roof. With various OEM/ODM and manufacturing services, Jakemy assists customers in acquiring an appropriate design, developing the assembly components, and manufacturing them within the time frame specified.


At Jakemy, your quality is guaranteed by taking into account your customized details and a variety of other minute specifications.

Where to Start?


Jakemy is an OEM and ODM precision screwdriver manufacturer operating on a global scale. We at Jakemy integrate idea creation, product design, manufacturing, customization, sales, import and export trading to provide you with a one-stop solution.


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