A precision screwdriver set is much like a standard screwdriver but possesses a small form factor and a sleeker handle design, making it simple to use on small, intricate devices. Sometimes referred to as a jewel screwdriver, this small hand tool features narrower sizes of the flat and cross-head designs as seen on their larger counterparts.

Small devices, such as watches, calculators, mobile phones, and computers often rely on OEM companies to design an OEM screwdriver set for routine repairs and maintenance. It is very common to find a precision screwdriver fitted with a freely rotating bezel of the bottom of the screwdriver handle. This feature allows some pressure to be added to tighten or loosen screws while the handle is being rotated under the bezel – providing a far more controlled operation over small components.

How Precision Screwdriver Streamlines the Operation in the Maintenance Department?

An OEM screwdriver set often consists of several interchangeable heads of different diameters and widths, making it a convenient tool to have for various kinds of repair and maintenance needs.

The range of available styles of an OEM screwdriver is very large. Depending on the customer’s needs, one can opt for magnetized shafts, which are useful when there is a risk of losing a small screw. However, if you’re working with electronic equipment such as computer components, regular sets or specialized telecommunication sets are available for purchase.

1. Speed Up Maintenance Process and Improve Work Efficiency

OEM screwdriver sets speed up the maintenance process and improve work efficiency by saving time, space and offering a convenient approach to repairing delicate devices.

Anyone who has worked with hand tools before knows that the most space occupied within a toolbox is by screwdrivers. Since a single screwdriver is not enough to perform all tasks, the presence of an OEM screwdriver kit will improve the efficiency and speed on the workstation.

2. Practical for Every Maintenance Staff

All mechanical and electronic devices are connected via screws. This makes the attachment, detachment, repair, and maintenance process relatively easier because troubled parts can be replaced without discarding the whole machinery. But, because there are various types of screws, every different screw will require a screwdriver. Here’s where an OEM screwdriver set comes in handy.

An OEM screwdriver kit is a collection of different screwdrivers for locking and unlocking different types of screws. And, since every shape of a screw has its own purpose, an electronic repair tool or precision screwdriver set is the most practical tool kit for maintenance staff.

The maintenance staff of larger companies often have to deal with repairs and maintenance requests in various sectors. Whether it’s for electronics, woodworking, or mechanical products, OEM screwdriver sets are usually a one-stop solution for all your restoration needs.

Why Do We Choose Jakemy New Arrivals?

In order to catch up with the current trend and people’s needs, we at Jakemy will keep releasing new products every quarter. Our latest OEM screwdriver sets include:

1. JM-Y05

Featuring a 9 in 1 dual dynamic electric screwdriver is the JM-Y05. Available for electrical maintenance, precision assembly, and digital product repair, this OEM screwdriver set has a built-in strong magnetic motor, high-quality rechargeable battery, an LED shadowless light, and four gears adjustment to adapt to restricted areas.

2. JM-8184

The JM-8184 is a part of our specialized telecommunications repair screwdriver series. The 47 in 1 OEM screwdriver set is designed to meet everyday needs. With multiple interchangeable heads of various sizes and types and felt bag packaging, this set is the perfect tool to grab when you’re constantly on the go.

3. JM-8180

The JM-8180 is yet another 47 in 1 OEM screwdriver set that’s part of our telecommunications repair screwdriver series. The set comes packed in a sturdy clamshell design and features strong magnetic absorption properties, a laser engraved handle, and a special anti-rust treatment to ensure durability and functionality.


As a globally integrated product manufacturer of precision electronic maintenance tools, we continuously improve our concept research and development process to provide customers with competitive, safe, reliable products and solutions. To learn more about our OEM/ODM customization solution and services, visit us now at www.jakemy.com