Screwdrivers are the most commonly found tool in professionals’ toolkits and on the shelf of every household. A small screwdriver set is perhaps the first tool we got introduced to it, primarily because it is easy to use and is relatively safer than other tools. If you have ever used a screwdriver to repair stuff, you have noticed the interchangeable metal parts designed to fit into the tip of screwdrivers.

Well, these are known as screwdriver bits and are extremely useful for completing diverse tasks. While this was just a basic introduction about screwdriver bits types, let us take you on a tour of screwdriver bits types.

Importance of Screwdriver Bits You Must Not Miss

The primary purpose of all the screwdriver bits types is to extract or drive a screw from an appliance. All the screwdriver sets mentioned in this article come in various shapes and sizes to cater to the requirements of DIY enthusiasts and professionals. While the process of inserting or driving a screw might be accomplished after you have spent considerable effort, you will have to do a lot of elbow greasing to extract screws the right way.

However, if you choose the right screwdriver bits types for the fastener, you will manage to remove or insert screws super easily. If you do not use the right screwdriver bit, the outcome might be irregular hole shapes, tool damages, and even user injuries.

Different Types of Screwdriver Bits Material

If you have clearly understood the advantages of all the Screwdriver bits types, then it is time for you to know the screwdriver bits available. Screwdriver bits are distinguished based on their shape, design, and the materials they are built with. Here, we have classified the screwdrivers according to their base materials to have a clear understanding before you set out for buying.

1.Stainless Steel Bit

Most of the Screwdriver bits types you come across daily are made of stainless steel. Simply put, the material is readily available and offers good value for money, so newbies should start with stainless steel screwdriver bits. The stainless-steel screwdriver bits also come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and attachments, so you would not need to struggle to match it with a fastener.

2.Tool Grade Steel Bit

Screwdriver bits made of tool-grade steel are also quite common, and it is denoted by S2. While S stands for shock-resistant, number 2 signifies the steel’s shock grade, with seven being the highest and one being the lowest. Although these S2 steel bits are mostly composed of iron, other materials like silicon and carbon are also mixed with increasing their hardness.

3.Titanium Coated Bit

Manufacturers also produce electronic screwdriver set with titanium bits because it is appropriate for application in riskier environments. Titanium screwdriver bits are more durable than stainless or tool-grade bits, and thus it is quite popular among professionals and business warehouses.

4.Chrome-Vanadium Steel

Featuring the revolutionary CR-V Chrome-vanadium steel with nickel-plated surface, the appliance features the hardness of 52 degrees. This helps in completing the maintenance work effectively.

Advantages of Different Screwdriver Bits Material

If you have started shortlisting your options for the best Screwdriver bits types, then check out these advantages of using the same:

1.Stainless Steel

As you might know, stainless steel screwdriver bits are incredibly durable, so longevity is also guaranteed. Bits made of stainless steel are quite versatile as they would allow you to use them on diverse materials.

2.Tool Grade Steel Bit

Screwdrivers are made out of top-grade steel of high hardness level of the CRV/S2 material. As such, the entire unit is highly practical and durable. The given kit is primarily used in applications like serviced electronic components like glasses, laptops, smartphones, game consoles, and so more.


Titanium screwdriver bits generally come in stainless steel bits coated with titanium to make them more combustion resistant. If you are going to work with steel appliances, you can opt for this to make it easier to penetrate steel.

4.Chrome-Vanadium Steel

The CR-V chrome-vanadium steel bits help in delivering great practicality and durability to the unit. This helps in effective maintenance of the work while being assured of total accuracy.

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