Your favorite electronic gadget’s particular part is malfunctioning, and you want to replace it. But you do not know how to detach it. You are worried that you might break it while using tools like a screwdriver. Well, an electric precision screwdriver is designed just to do that. An electric precision screwdriver is a tool used to tighten the screws in which rotary motion is produced via some electrical source. The amount of torque to be applied for a particular job can be controlled in an electric precision screwdriver.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of electric precision screwdriver, i.e., standard and brushless.

  • Standard Type: In standard type, there are brushes inside the tool that conducts electricity between the stationary wires and the rotary wires. In these types of precision screwdrivers, the flow of current might cause excessive heat, which in turn can shorten their lifespan. These precision screwdrivers require more maintenance compared to that of brushless depending upon their usage in a particular timespan.
  • Brushless Type: As the name suggests, these types of electric precision screwdrivers don’t require brushes. That means that these precision screwdrivers will produce less heat, thereby increasing their lifespan.

The most crucial part of the precision screwdriver kit is the clutch. The clutch is the part that allows us to control the rotation. This is achieved with the design of the screwdrivers where there are steel balls between the plates, while one end is connected to a compressed spring and the other side driving the screw.

No matter the type of precision screwdrivers, most of the steps to use a screwdriver are the same. To use a precision screwdriver, follow these steps,

1. Firstly, make sure there is a proper connection between the power source and screwdriver, and power is being supplied properly.

2. If the electric precision screw is a standard one, make sure to tighten the ground rings. Then select the bit you want to use.

3. Set the torque you want to apply.

4. Switch the driver on and make sure it is rotating properly.

5. To apply the torque, gently squeeze the lever. The driver will stop when targeted torque is achieved.

6. To remove the screw, flip the switch to reverse.

During the manufacturing of electronic products, strict engineering and government regulations must be met to ensure the safety and reliability of the product. Therefore, it is necessary that the tools used in these manufacturing must be accurate, precise, and easy to handle. The ability to control torque, fit in tight spaces, and usage with different angles makes electric precision screwdrivers ideal. This, in turn, produces better products, increased productivity, and low wastage of both time and financial capital. The use of an electric precision screwdriver makes the work less sloppy, smoother and prevents potential mistakes from human error. It is portable, easy to use, smaller in size than the manual screwdriver, and extremely handy to use on delicate devices.

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