180 in 1 Electric mini container smart LED rectangular electric screwdriver set JM-8193

Unit sample reference price: $34/set. Wholesale prices are lower for bulk purchases! Inquire with customer service for more details.

Minimum Order Quantity: Starting from $100. Please contact customer service for details.

  • It has a high volume container for storing many screwdrivers and accessories in a limited space. The kit features a hand-operated magnetic box plate for added playability.
  • It’s suitable for various tasks, from home repairs to professional maintenance. The multifunctional handle offers stress relief and three-speed torque options.
  • The set includes durable CR-V material bits and interchangeable accessories.
  • The screwdriver has a battery icon for real-time monitoring and automatically shuts down after 60 seconds of inactivity or when the battery is low.
  • A break from tradidion, making life more interesting.


JAKEMY JM-8193 180 in 1 Electric mini container smart LED rectangular electric screwdriver set with 3-speed torque.

Product Patent Number: CN308004050S I CN307938370S I ZL202320164283.8 Counterfeiting Not All Owed.
Important upgrades of JM-8193: Whole new design |upgrade handle | Three-speed Torque
Versatile all in one: A versatile tool for your individuality.
Technology in all its glory pioneering design elegant and stylish: The concept of a high volume container has been integrated into the design of the tool kit, to provide as many screwdrivers and accessories as possible in a limited space.
Textured and refined design, angular and stylish: Breaking away from the traditional squared-off tool box model, it caters for a modern, sophisticated design that enhances the handheld quality.
Hand-operated magnetic box plate – decompression set toolbox: The hand toggle action makes a crisp “Pop” sound for a unique play experience and unlocks more playable options.
A quest for texture and sophisticated design. Cleverly integrated into a veriety of scenes: Whether you need to disassemble or install, this set can meet your needs. It is an essential tool for everything from home repairs to professional mechanical maintenance.
Innovation in one – multifunctional handle – a great stress reliever: Gospels for “restless person”, easy decompression by pushing and pulling the “BOOSTER” back and forth to produce a crisp ”CRACKLE” Sound.
Three-speed torque for versatile use in everyday life: 3 dual mode – ①maximum torque 1.6kgf.cm / 0.1 6N’m ②maximum torque 2.0kgf.cm / 0.20N’m ③maximum torque 3.0kgf.cm / 0.30N’m; hand power – maximum torque 30.0 kgf.cm / 3n’m.
More detailed battery icon, displays remaining battery in real – time: The screwdriver has no power switch and can be turned on by pressing any button. It will automatically shut down if there is no activity for 60 seconds. (will prompt and automatically shut down when battery is low.)
New experience versatile function: Whole new and fastexperience with this comprehensive screwdriver set. CR-V material bits treated with zinc phosphate for enhanced durability and toughness. Accessories can be used with each other.

Socket *14:
M2. 5 M3.0 M3.5 M4.0 M4.5 M5.0 M5.5 G3.8 G4.5 Ü PH2 OVAL
H4.0mm TO H6.3mm SOCKET
H6.3mm TO H4.0mm SOCKET

CR-V H4*28mm *144:
Torx: T1*3 T2*3 T3*2 T4*2 T5 T6 T7 T8 T9 T10 T15 T20 T6H T7H T8H T9H T10H T15H T20H T25H
Hex: H0.7*2 H0.9*2 H1.3 H1.5 H2.0 H2.5 H3.0 H3.5 H4.0 H4.5 H5.0 H6.0
Phillips: 1.0*2 1.5*3 2.0*2 2.5*2 3.0*3 3.5*2 JIS000 JIS00 JIS0 JIS1
Flat-head (Slotted): 1.0*2 1.3*2 1.5*2 2.0*2 2.5*2 3.0*2 3.5*2 4.0*2 4.5 5.0
Imperial internal hexagon: 1/16 1/8 3/32 5/32 5/64 7/64 9/64
Tri-wing: Y0.8*3 Y2.0*2 Y2.5*2 Y3.0*2 Y3.5*2
U-shaped: U1.7 U2.0*2 U2.6*2 U3.0 U8.0 U10
Pentable(star): 0.8*3 1.2*3 1.5*3 2.0*2
Pozidrive: PZ00 PZ0 PZ1 PZ2
Square: SQ0 SQ1 SQ2 SQ3
Triangle: 2.0 2.3 2.6 3.0
SIM PIN: 0.8 1.0
Anti-Cross head: IN PH2*2
Stand off (Motherboard philips): 1.5*2
Three-point Crowned Shape: YP4.5
Small cone-shaped: AWL
Small pry bar shaped: PRY
Reverse screwdriver bit: EX#6 EX#7 EX#8 EX#9 EX#10
Hole saw: DR#6 DR#7 DR#8 DR#9 DR#10

S-2 H4*45mm *4:
Phillips: 1.5 2.0
Flat-head (Slotted): 1.5 2.0

Opening tool *5
Ultra-thin opening tool *5
Creative handle *1
Suction cup *1
Tweezers *2
Extension rod *1


Model numberJM-8193ColorWhite & Black
Size210*85*82 mmBits materialCR-V & S-2
Single gross weight1 kgCertificateCE Certification
MOQStarting from $100ServiceOEM & ODM
Package typeCarton packaging

44*28*18 cm/carton 

12 sets/carton

G.W – kg

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*Yifeng company reserves the right to change the product specification and appearance without notice.


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