Tools are used for different purposes in different situations. This is the reason why it is so important to choose the right tool that fits your needs. A ratchet screwdriver is a classic tool that most people know. It has been around for decades and was used as electronic repair tool to fix things like computers and smartphones, but this is not the only thing it does.

The ratchet mechanism helps you drive screws in with ease, thus enabling you to reach places that are hard to reach. Plus, it is very easy to use. All you have to do is turn the handle and then turn it in the direction you want to drive the screw. This saves time, effort and makes sure that your job gets done quickly.

However, you may not have known about the ratchet vs. non-ratchet debate that has been going on for ages. While non-ratchets are generally considered better quality, this doesn’t mean they will not break while being used.

Features of the Ratchet Screwdriver

1. Well-Made Gearing

A ratchet screwdriver consists of two parts, including the handle and the gear. The helical gears are made of alloy steel to form a strong coupling for the handle and the gear.

2. Comfortable Handle

A good ratchet screwdriver will have a comfortable handle, which is fastened around one side of the tool. The friction design and ergonomic handle enable you to secure your hardwood screw with ease while working on infrequent repairs. In addition, the ratchet screwdriver has a soft-grip handle that is made of rubber, which makes it comfortable to hold.

3. Robust Ratchet Mechanism

Good ratchet screwdrivers feature a ratchet mechanism that ensures fluid and fast rotation. The ratcheting mechanism also secures your screwdriver in place so that you can fasten or unfasten screws with ease.

Difference Between Ratchet and Non-Ratchet Screwdrivers

There are a lot of differences between a ratchet and a non-ratchet screwdriver. One of the main differences is their design, which was made to work for different purposes. A non-ratchet driver has two coils that allow it to spin faster than other types of drivers. Here are a few of the differences between ratchet and non-ratchet screwdrivers:

1.Ratchet screwdrivers are easier to use and have a higher quality of gear.

2.Non-ratchet screwdrivers can break but are generally considered to be of better quality.

3.Non-ratchet screwdrivers hold up to 6 bits, while ratchets usually hold up to 3.

4.Non-ratchet screws need more torque, and it is hard for them not to slip.

5.Ratchets do not have to be extra heavy when compared to non-ratchets.

6.Ratchet screwdrivers made of stainless steel are more efficient, but this will not affect its strength in comparison with non-ratchet that was made out of cheaper materials.

7.Ratchets can be run dry without ever breaking down.

Why Should We Use the Ratchet Screwdriver?

1. Comfort

The ratchet screwdriver is similar to a wrench, so it can be softer with less force and displace heavy objects without effort. Moreover, the ratchet screwdriver is the most efficient and the most powerful in its class.

2. Efficiency

A ratchet screwdriver can make it possible for you to change the direction very fast as an electric drill does. This is useful because when you are changing the way that a screw goes into something, this will help greatly by making sure nothing slips out since it has less annoying torque than non-ratchets and no additional bits meaning only six parts in comparison with 3 in most non-ratchets.

3. Control

Using ratchet type of precision screwdrivers will help you gain better control because it is easier to change the direction of screws without risking fumbling. In contrast, non-ratchets can be very hard to change the direction of screws without the risk of dropping them.

4. Power

Using ratchet screwdrivers will allow you to do more work because they are more powerful than non-ratchets, and they can be run dry without ever breaking down. Non-ratchets are not as powerful as ratchets, so you will have to keep replacing them if you need a lot of power.


It can be concluded that it is more advantageous to use a ratchet screwdriver instead of the less technologically developed non-ratchet ones. The reason is that the equipment is called “gear” and “gears.”

Ratchet screwdrivers have mechanical gears, making them well built, good looking as well as usable in terms of flexibility and responsive nature on what you are doing. As such, they provide better results than DIY low-quality models of screwdrivers that do not have gears, which are known to be quite fragile.

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