Irrespective of their unsurpassed quality, computers do not run perfectly forever. Whether it is of a mediocre priced or inflated one, you might experience checkout in its performance after a particular time. Not all components stop working, but some of them can be genuinely challenging and hard to replace or repair when out of order. However, the task becomes truly easy with an electronic repair tool kit specially streamlined for PC building. Along the same lines, here are some of the complex parts of PC building and possible problems associated with those parts. 

Complex Parts for PC Building

PCs are complex machines built with diverse components and open to performing multiple tasks. Here are some tricky parts involved in the building or repairing of PC: 

1. Motherboard

The motherboard is a fundamental component that has a connection with all other functions of the PC. Typically, the motherboard is a source of communication for all other parts operating in the PC, and it gets made up of several ICs and soldered components. With excessive use, lack of heat ventilation, and fluctuation in the voltage, the motherboard can stop working. 

Minor repairs can get made with a PC building tool kit but burning leaves the only option of changing the motherboard. But then again, with an essential tool kit, the PC’s motherboard can get repaired, especially by using a soldering iron station, anti-static equipment, precision screwdrivers, pliers, tweezers, and zip or twist ties.  

2. Processor 

While making a critical trade from an unobtrusive processor to one with numerous cores will offer you the potential for improved speed and unwavering quality. In any case, it will possibly help if the graphics card and memory get also overhauled. Also, ensure it is compatible with your motherboard and there is a proper system of heat ventilation. Consequently, users might come across needs to repair or replace the faults. Again, to fix it at a professional level, an essential tool kit is required that must have all critical equipment to correct the imperfections.

3. Wireless and Bluetooth Adapters 

Wireless and Bluetooth adapters are secondary parts of the PC. But when it comes to repairing problems associated with them, it can be trickier. Nevertheless, with an essential tool kit, these adapters can get repaired since most of the time, there comes a problem with their soldered parts. 


5 Essential Tools for PC Building

If you have an essential tool kit, PC building will not remain an arduous task. You will need to attach the components in sequences, and at the end, the PC will be in working condition. Let’s now look at five essential tools comprising the essential tool kit for PC building:

1. Screwdrivers 

A screwdriver is a long thin rod used to tighten or loosen the screws. A Phillips-headed screwdriver with size #1 or #2 would be perfect because essentially, all screws inside a PC will be crosshead ones. Besides, a magnetic screwdriver is extremely helpful to try not to drop small screws in hard-to-reach places. For even better and precise performance, electric screwdrivers get used. These electric screwdrivers don’t only add precision but also speed up the process. 

2. Anti-Static Equipment 

Anti-static equipment is another addition to an essential tool kit for PC building. It reduces dampness and inhibits ESD that discharges static electricity. The anti-static equipment can avoid the harmful charges that can wipe out the ROM/RAM. It helps reduce the risk of damaging parts to zero and builds a PC in an area with more potential for static electricity like carpet or dry zones.

3. Light Source 

You need a light source for the PC building. What type of light do you want; it depends on how the case is. Some cases block the light at all – for example, the dark chassis – even in a well-lit room. An ideal flashlight clarifies where stray screws rolled, the tags on front board pins, etc.

4. Zip or Twist Ties 

Zip or twist ties are types of cable fasteners that hold essential components together. Primarily, zip or twist ties keep wires and electrical cables joined and helped parts work interconnectivity to maintain dust buildup low, airflow high, and make things give the impression of being nice. Amid other equipment of essential tool kit, zip or twist ties are also of primary importance. 

5. Extra Parts 

An extraction tool kit also possesses many extra parts helpful in building PC, including soldering iron, soldering station, pliers, tweezers, rubbing alcohol, thermal paste, extra screws, etc. 


PC building is an easy task if you have all the components and an essential tool kit. It enables a commoner to join the parts and work interactively to perform operations and execute commands. Jakemy offers a wide range of necessary and precise equipment in the box. Accordingly, if you are looking for the essential tool kit for building your PC, Jakemy is a worth considering option.