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Today is JAKEMY's new product launch date!

  • 2019-05-15

If you remember the two new products we introduced last week, I'm sure that you'll have some doubts. You may have heard about these two products through the grapevine from other sources, but have never seen the real thing.

electric screwdriver

Electronics maintenance tools

But today I can tell you that our today is finally the global launch day of our products!

*Please contact our sales team for more details.

For JAKEMY, this JM-Y01 intelligent electric screwdriver is a"very serious" product. It tookmore than two years to create, which is really from theperspective of user's experience to research and discuss. Whether the appearance of rationality, performance, or use feel, our research & development department gave thet most rigorous consideration to this product. Finally we created this true sense of independent research and development of this intellgent electric screwdriver.

The JM-8163 62 in 1 Electronics maintenance tools is a bold attempt  by JAKEMY. For the first time, we use the design of double door + magnetic switch in appearance. Just click the switch, the shell will open to two sides instantly. All the accessories inside are claer at a glance. And the orange inner bracket carrying the most complete type of bits on the market is also very eye-catching, which match with the cool and gorgeous aluminum alloy screwdriver handle on the side. The visual impact of heat and cold with eye-pleasing appearance and strong practicality.

We are constantly seeking progress.

And we are also constantly trying to get close to users.

Let the user can use the screwdriver that suits him most.

"Do it yourself" has always been our mission.

So, let's get closer to DIY!

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