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This is a short review articles of JAKEMY electric screwdriver

  • 2019-06-01

Maybe some of you have some doubts. Our popular product JM-Y02 and new product JM-Y01 are also electric screwdriver products. What is the difference between them? So today I will bravely take on the role of tester to discuss the differences between this two products.

Electric screwdriver set

JAKEMY JM-Y02 Electric screwdriver set

precision electric screwdriver

JAKEMY JM-Y01 Intelligent precision electric screwdriver


JM-Y02 is mainly for precision maintenance

JM-Y01 is mainly aimed at digital omnipotence

The popular product JM-Y02 is a product that can adjust torque. From the point of view of the product itself, its torsion is mainly inclined to the repair and DIY of precision products, from glasses to tablets and laptops.

The new product, JM-Y01, is digitally versatile with a torque of 0.8 N.M. In other words, it will encompass a wider rage of fields. Even now the popular computer case, water - cooled esports case can be a deal.

electric screwdriver torque

electric screwdriver torque


JM-Y02 has a stylish aluminum alloy design on the outside.

JM-Y01 uses a gentle, skin-friendly design on the outside.

JM-Y02's appearance mainly refers to the minimalist style preferred by modern people. So it ueds the aluminum alloy shell design, let it more eye-catching and fashionable.

In the design of JM-Y01, we emphasize on the shell making from the customer experience. Because this screwdriver is relatively large in terms of size. If the same aluminum alloy shell is used, its weight may impose an unnecessary burden on the users. Therefore, we choose the skin-friendly material which is lighter and more comfortable than aluminum alloy as the shell design.

professional electric screwdriver

We are working on product's iterations by constantly improving our technology.

At the same time, we are constantly studying how to make products more suitable for users' lives.

In the future, we will develop more and richer products.

Please stay tuned.

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