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  • Roller opening tool

    Roller opening tool JM-OP06

    Minimum Order Quantity: 200

    Labor saving design.

    Easy to disassemble electronic part accessories.

    High-quality material, make it more durable.

    Anti-corrosion with stainless steel forging process.

    Special rolling-wheel design for better use in opening.

    The other end of the tool with anti-slip design make it easier for disassembling.

    Precision processing technology on the metal part for better protection on the product it self.

  • LCD screen opening plier

    LCD screen opening plier JM-OP05

    Minimum Order Quantity: 80

    Ergonomically designed handle with slip-resistant textured grip for comfortable hold.

    Adjustable tablet holder to any size of tablets and mobiles.

    Multi-angle PVC suction cup, easier to take apart every gadgets you want.

    Including two screen protectors, protect your phone scratch during the disassembling.

  • Anti-static and heat-proof working mat

    Anti-static and heat-proof working mat JM-Z17

    Minimum Order Quantity: 30

    Non-toxic and tasteless, high temperature.

    Separate partitioning, separates and separates disassembled parts.

    Can be used with a magnetic work pad, so that the screw is not easy to lose, and record the name of the relevant accessories.

    Scope: electronic products, computer maintenance outlets, large-scale use of electronic products production workshop.

  • Anti-static and heat-proof working mat

    Anti-static and heat-proof working mat JM-Z16

    Minimum Order Quantity: 30

    Insulate heat and resist high temperature up to 500 degree.

    Absorbent surface protects solder tip and work bench at the same time.

    Made of high-grade silica, resist corrosion, solid and durable.

    The product is washable, can be wiped out with wet wipe.

    Soft texture, easy to use.

  • 4 in 1 Smart phone repair holder
    4 in 1 Smart phone repair holder JM-Z13 Minimum Order Quantity: 40 Include an adjustable holder and 3pcs screwdrivers with different tips. Opening angle adjustable, up to 120-degree, can hold up to 5.5 inch phones. Close the holder to use it as a PCB fixture. Suitable for phone disassembly, PCB DIY project or other repair work.
  • 3 in 1 Magnetic operating mat
    3 in 1 Magnetic operating mat JM-Z09 Minimum Order Quantity: 60 Can be effective absorbed small complex components from disassembling and prevent from losing. Creative your own DIY assembly, use a pen to record the disassemble process and minimize the difficulty of assembling your own after the repair. The product is washable, even stubbornly attached handwriting is available to wipe out with wet wipe.

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