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Jakemy in Indonesia

Yi Feng Technology Electron CO. , founded in 1998, is an experienced and professional manufacturer of the globally registered brand Jakemy. Our products include electric/hand screwdriver, precision screwdriver sets,pliers,tweezers, tool kit, tool accessories.

With a professional design and research team dedicated to innovation, Jakemy has constantly launched new products and created multiple international patents. Jakemy products has gained increasing reputation for its solid quality and creativity across southeast Asia since early 2000. Undoubtedly ever since Jakemy officially debuted in Indonesia, it didn’t take long for Jakemy to become a popular choice among hobbyists and highly recognized in major renowned wholesale markets and industrial zones such as Roxy and AMBASSADOR ITC.  


Founding and Development of HOUSE SPAREPART

Indonesia, with a population of 269 million, as the largest economy in ASEAN, GDP increased by 5.2% annually, is a high-potential market. Moreover, the rapidly growing middle class has a strong demand for consumer electronics and mobile electronics. Mr. AGUS ERYANTO, young and ambitious at that time, was sharp enough to sense the enormous opportunity in consumer electronic tool kits and get himself immersed in the industry.

As consumer behavior is modernizing, Indonesia witnesses fast online retail development. In 2003, with accumulating experience and unique vision, Mr. AGUS ERYANTO made a judgemental call to start e-commerce business. He founded PT.SURYA HARAPAN INDAH, also known as HOUSE SPAREPART in various Indonesian e-business platforms ( Amazon.com, eBay, Tokopedia, Shopee, Lazada, JD.COM, Bukalapak, Blibli, Orami, Bhinneka, Blanja, Zalora).

Nowadays HOUSE SPAREPART has become the leading e-commerce company of D.I.Y. tool, with multiple warehouses across Indonesia and annual revenue exceeding 50 million dollar.



Indonesia is growing rapidly as a significant market. Consumer confidence is high, thanks in part to its prominent middle class. Surveys show that technology, price and brand are important factors in purchasing electronic products for Indonesian consumers. Mr.AGUS ERYANTO was sensitively aware of the essentiality to find a reliable brand with integrity and reputation for partnership.

In 2012,Mr.AGUS ERYANTO made acquainted with Mr.Adam Zhao ,CEO of Guangzhou YiFeng  Technology Electron Co., Limited during the trip to Canton Fair. Through profound and productive communication between the companies, AGUS discovered the huge potential of Jakemy products in Indonesia, appreciating the image and value of Jakemy brand, which is young, energetic, modern, creative and unique. Above all, the two partners share the same vision, that is to redefine DIY world with Stylish, Convenient, Efficient electronic tool kit and reshape people’s everyday lifestyle.

Through mutual efforts of both parties,Jakemy products has occupied 95% shares of tool kit in Indonesia market.  

Due to the unique market features and fast online retail development, the time has come for  Jakmey to call for an experienced and sharp role to establish a well-organized distributing system and to lead the distributors from diverse channels for better branding and marketing Jakemy in Indonesia. Therefore the cooperation between Jakemy and HOUSE SPAREPART has naturally moved up the next level. HOUSE SPAREPART has been authorized as JAKEMY’s Strategic Exclusive Representative in Indonesia from 2019.

The JAKEMY*HOUSE SPAREPART strategic partnership is established based on the core competencies of professional technical support, outstanding customer service and innovative product launch.

As far as the market prospects are concerned, D.I.Y. project and electronic maintenance are increasingly popular and toolkits are becoming more and more needed, especially among the median aged population(aged between 15 and 65). This productive population, accounting for 68% of the Indonesian population, means a large consumer base. Moreover middle-class consumer population will reach 130 million by 2030.

We believe a brighter future with infinite possibilities is here. JAKEMY*HOUSE SPAREPART sincerely welcome you to join us in this promising and revolutionary trend.


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