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【New product】JM-P17/P18 37/49PCS Portable&Precision DIY tool set

  • 2019-06-29


aluminum alloy screwdriver setaluminum alloy screwdriver

JM-P17 37PCS Portable & precision DIY tool set & JM-P18 49CPS Portable & precision DIY tool set

P.S.: JM-P18 is the more bits version of JM-P17. Therefore, the following product introduction focuses on JM-P17.

pocket screwdriveraluminum alloy screwdriver

Small, light, portable and easy to carry.

I trust that this is a portable tool kit which you may prefer.

iphone screwdriver set

Complete accessories & Powerful functions.

In addition to the classical precision screwdriver set, it also equipped with tweezers, plastic spudger, triangle opening tool and other practical tools. 

It allows you to fix it whenever and wherever you want.

pocket screwdriver

Fashionable cloth bag & intimate design.

Except for tools that are already equipped, you can also create your own set of tools by using the internal sandwich bag design.

Because it's certainly not just the products you aleady have need to DIY and everything can DIY as long as you want.

screwdriver set for laptop repair

DIY, which we advocate, is not only a set of tools, but also an attitude and persistence.

I believe that everything you want in your life can start with this set of tools.

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