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How to Use a Ratchet Screwdriver – The Definitive Guide (Part 1)

How to Use a Ratchet Screwdriver – The Definitive Guide (Part 1)

  • 2019-12-27

A few years back, for doing any fixing work, the carpenter or mechanic or the electrician had to carry different kinds of screwdrivers. This was very painful because it causes over-weighting of tool bags and it was time consuming to work with different kind of screwdrivers.

Moreover, if he or she forgot one screw, then he couldn't finish the work. To get rid of that, a smart user-friendly all in all screwdriver is introduced into the market. This is called Ratchet Screwdriver.

It mainly is a screwdriver which can use with different bits under one handle. So it's more like all in all kind of product. It's smart, fast, hassle free and easy to carry. This ratchet screwdrivers are now getting very popular, not only to the worker but also to the student and other people for its large range of activities. This has a huge impact in recent times.

Let's find the way to the easiest process of how to use a ratchet screwdriver :

ratchet screwdriver with handle

What is a Ratchet Screwdriver?

A ratchet screwdriver is a screwdriver with a ratchet and a spiral in the handle with downward pressure on the handle. A ratchet means the blade turns in only one direction and spiral helps the blade rotate with downward pressure. Ratchet screwdriver mechanism permits the tools to apply turning force in one direction.

Different Types of Ratchet Screwdriver:

1. Micro Tools Ratchet Screwdrivers

Among all the categories of ratchet screwdrivers, the first one comes to my mind is for delicate electronics work and micro works. Mainly these screwdrivers have sharp blades and delicate flat and trimmed blades with a reversible handle and other accessories.

2. Ratchet Screwdriver with Handle

This one is of another type. This is a nice and easy to use type screwdriver. You may find more comfort as it has a handle and this also helps to increase the torque by transforming arm strength to screw head.

3. Precised Using Ratcheting Screwdriver

Another type of screwdriver is specialized in tightening and loosening of small screw and nails of different gadgets like small Toys, Drones, Laptops, PC, Calculator and many other gadgets. This kind of screwdriver has a great collection of precised screwdrivers so that it can be used for a great amount of work.

4. Multi-bit Ratcheting Screw

From the name you can understand that these screwdrivers come with a great collection of standard bits, Philips bits of different sizes and shape for specific work. Moreover, these multi-bit screwdrivers are ergonomically designed which makes handles more comfortable and helps to get a good control over the ratchet screwdriver.

5. Offset Ratchet Screwdrivers

This is another type of screwdriver. It is used mainly for tightening a screw without breaking the contact between the blade and the screw as the tool keeps the blade stationary while twisting. Without an offset screwdriver, it may be impossible to get the screws as tight as you would like.

Users of Ratchet Screwdriver


Ratchet screwdrivers are very much important for an Electrician. An electrician has to do different types of fixing and tightening of different types of screw and other wires. A ratchet screwdriver is a package full of utilities that he can use for many purposes.


Ratchet screwdriver is a part and parcel of a mechanic's life. If you ratcheting screwdriver vs regular screwdrivers, surely the winner will be the ratchet screwdriver. A mechanic must require these sets of different screwdrivers as he needs to open different gadgets to fix them up.


Students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering also uses this ratchet screwdrivers. As these students study various types of machines and devices, so they always want stuff that is time-saving as well as very much helpful. In that case, a ratchet screwdriver is like dream come true type of item for them.

Household Works

Having a ratchet screwdriver in your house reduces extra expense. These screwdrivers are very user-friendly. Anybody can use this. You don't need a guidebook on how to use a ratchet screwdriver, to use it. Simply to fix, tighten up or loosen up some screws, it's like your handy many.

Micro Workers

Now for these users, a ratchet screwdriver is a heaven. As these screwdrivers have many bits for delicate works and screws and micro works, the micro workers who work with semiconductors, circuit makers, nanotechnologies, microprocessors, chips and much more always desires these ratchet screwdrivers.

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