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How to Put Together the Perfect Phillips Head Screwdriver Set

How to Put Together the Perfect Phillips Head Screwdriver Set

  • 2019-07-13

If you want to build a comprehensive tool set, you will need a phillips head screwdriver set. In fact, you will probably need several of them. There are different sizes of heads available and you'll need them all to be able to fit into the different sizes of screws. The question is how to assemble the perfect set of Phillips head screwdrivers set - What do you ideally need?


What is A Phillips Head Screwdriver?

The Phillips head screwdriver, also known as the cross head screwdriver, was developed and patented by Henry Phillips in the 1930s. The beauty of it is that it's self-centering so that the screwdriver, which uses the same "x” design as the screw, won't slip out of the screw. This is something that often happens with the traditional flat-head screw. First used on the 1936 Cadillac, it quickly became popular and widely adopted for its ease of use.




The simplest way to assemble the best set of Phillips head screwdrivers is to buy a set where there's one blade and handle with a set of different heads that can fit on and be slipped off easily. This makes the set far more portable than a complete screwdriver set and it's easy to change from one head to the other as well as keep everything together.


Your set should consist of at least 6 different heads to go with the blade. If you're also doing delicate work with much smaller screws, you'll need an additional 2 screwdrivers with tiny Phillips heads. These will have to be purchased separately since the heads will be too small to fit onto the regular blade.



Type of Handle

You need to consider what type of handle you want on your Phillips head screwdriver. There's the usual handle where you will have to keep stopping and adjusting your grip as you tighten and loosen the screw.


There's also the screwdriver handle like ratcheting screwdriver handle. This means that you just keep turning back until you've twisted as far as you can before returning to the original start position to continue screwing or unscrewing. This is much faster and easier on the wrist, although it will cost a little more.


If you're going to work on electrical equipment with your Phillips head screwdriver, you need an insulated handle to ensure you don't accidentally receive an electric shock. One alternative is to buy a set of heads with 2 handles, one being insulated and one being non-insulated so you can simply interchange the heads as needed.

phillips head screwdriver set


Power Screwdriver

You can also consider a power screwdriver with interchangeable Phillips heads. This makes life much easier on your wrist, and speeds up the entire process as well and letting your fully countersink the screw. With a good set of heads, this will take care of most jobs.



Be aware, however, that for jobs that require a lighter touch you will also need to insert screws by hand. In these instances, you will also need a set of Phillips head screwdrivers that aren't powered. The more alternatives you have available, the better your set of Phillips head screwdrivers will be.

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