Where is the screwdriver industry diving into? Materials, longer lifespan, or ultra-practicality? Yes, but it is not everything. Instead of making it stiffer and tougher, the screwdriver industry goes toward an unexpected side – making it funnier and more appealing—for example, JM-8185, a new Jakemy screwdriver set.


But don’t guess it wrong, the screwdriver set is still a great facilitator for fixing, but it can be an art toy compared to the traditional screwdriver set. Combining tools with artwork is what Jakemy bets on. The screwdriver sets in the future are not only practical but also playful. Now, without further ado, this article will elaborate the full picture of the novel fruit of the new trend.


Everything About the Innovative Jakemy Screwdriver Set

JM-8185 is among the most creative screwdriver sets Jakemy has rolled out recently. It is a wired screwdriver set because of its refreshing appearance. When you visit Jakemy’s website and turn on the “Product” page, don’t be confused, Jakemy has not increased a new toy line. Here is the comprehensive introduction of the new Jakemy screwdriver set.

  • Practical on the inside

The precision screwdriver set does not forget its mission as a screwdriver set: tools for fixing. It is a CE-certified set of 144*125*56 mm, encompassing different types of Torx, Hex, Tri-hand, and others, totaling 25 components in a single box. In terms of its design, the screwdriver handle is adjusted to become 3D beveled non-slip, making it more fitting for one’s palm rotation to increase working efficiency. In addition, the industrial-grade magnet is applied in the handle internal part to enhance the suction capacity for the screwdriver bits. 

Generally speaking, the all-considered design and the top-notch material make the new Jakemy screwdriver set more reliable and endurable. The comprehensive box covers almost every tool you need to fix sensitive instruments, like cameras, phones, and switches, as well as some furniture. 


  • Appealing on the outside:

What makes it different from all the Jakemy screwdriver sets and traditional sets on the market is its childish appearance and flexible assembling. The reason why Jakemy will promote this type of screwdriver set is that they want to break the stereotype of this industry and increase the quantity of the targeted clients. So what does an art toy-like screwdriver set look like?



First, the Jakemy screwdriver set inherits the concept of “star war,” so the box is spaceship-like. Inside the spaceship are all kinds of fixing elements as well as flexible building block elements, which are for assembling the elements in the box, as you imagine. There is no dead rule for the final results. Let your imagination run wild. It can be a robot, mechanic dog, sword, or anything.


What Supports Jakemy Strong Creativity

Nothing will be achieved without powerful production capability and strong investment in research and development. As the world’s leading precision screwdriver sets manufacturer, Jakemy has assembled a professional team for design and production, allowing them to provide impressive ODM/OEM services.

First, the professional team will listen to your requirements, which will then materialize in a draft. After all the corrections and tinkering, the approved visual design will be sent for mass production. The factory, embracing a large scale and multiple advanced types of equipment, will ensure rapid production without sacrificing quality. 

After all the goods are prepared, the following is packaging and delivery. As a professional manufacturer with decades of experience, Jakemy will ensure the whole process, from request acquiring to goods delivery, will be smooth with few mistakes. Therefore, Jakemy will select the most appropriate delivery scheme to minimize the effect of inflation and suspend transportation against the evolving environment.



Nothing will always be set in stone. The screwdriver industry can also embrace creativity and imagination. Tools are not just for work but also entertainment. Jakemy believes there will be floods of precision tool screwdriver kits embracing the trending concept. But all the exquisite products should be guarded by careful crafting and strong quality control, which can be provided by Jakemy.



So keep following our website. There are precision tool kits ready to catch your eyes and bring you refreshing experiences.