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Determining The Right Screwdriver Size For Every Project

Determining The Right Screwdriver Size For Every Project

  • 2019-07-19

Since household jobs of every variety require the use of a screwdriver, it is important to have the right screwdriver size at hand to complete the task. The key to having the right screwdriver when you need it is to assemble a screwdriver kit that contains both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers in a range of sizes. Your home toolbox should contain at least 3 sizes of each type. Another type is the square-end screwdriver. This is not as common as the first two, but it is certainly worth having around.

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Phillips Screwdriver

A Phillips screwdriver is the type that, when viewed straight at the tip of the metal end, reveals a perfectly perpendicular intersection of steel. It basically makes an ‘X’ where each point is equal in distance from the next point. A Phillips screw corresponds to this type of screwdriver, making again a perfect intersection of lines, but whereas the screwdriver itself is known to be the male end, the screw is the female end.

Flat-head Screwdriver

A flathead screwdriver has exactly what it describes: a flat head. Different sizes and gauges of flathead screwdrivers have different degrees of thickness for the tip and vary in breadth, but they are entirely distinct from a Phillips screwdriver. Likewise, certain screws possess a flathead female end that corresponds to the flathead screwdriver.

Square-End Screwdriver

A third, less common type of screwdriver is known as the square end. Just as it sounds, the drive shaft is in the shape of a square as opposed to being flat or perpendicularly intersecting. Far less commonly used than the Philips or flat head, you can get away with fewer sizes of this type of screwdriver, but keep it around nonetheless.

Screw Sizes

There are many different sizes of each type of screw that correspond to their respective screwdrivers. Depending on what use the screw is intended, its length and breadth can be quite small or large. There is no such thing as a universal Phillips screwdriver, for instance, that will fit all Phillips screws, because the ranges of sizes is too great. The same thing goes for flathead and square-end screwdrivers. That is why it is recommended that you keep a range of sizes of each type of screwdriver in your toolbox. Start with a small screwdriver kit that will fit screws 5 millimeters in diameter to large drivers for automotive needs or other heavy-duty work.

Four-in-One Screwdriver

There are screwdrivers that have 3 removable parts. The main drive shaft can be rotated around, and on each end is a removable screw bit shaft that can also be reversed. This type of screwdriver gives you 4 different sizes—often two of each of the main types. It’s essentially a four-in-one screwdriver. Having one of these with square end bits gives you 4 sizes of that type to work with too. 

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