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Amazing! The popular YouTuber in USA has evaluated JAKEMY!

  • 2019-05-24

If you like to watch the reviews of disassembled electronics, and also like watching video on Youtube, perhaps you are familiar with a channel called Linus Tech Tips.

Why do we mention Linus?

Because our product is on the Linus's channel!

Here is the profile of Linus for those who don't know Linus.

  • Linus Sebastian is a popular YouTuber of computer hardware measurement in the United States. He has quite knowledgeable about electronic tools. His channel has more than 1,100 followers.

The video of our product mentioned this time was originally made by Linus to disscussd the cost performance of various brands of disassembled tool.

When referring to our JM-8125 & JM-OP12, Linus was full of praise and said it must be used in his studio.

But what exactly is the situation?

First, Linus took the JM-8125 screwdriver toolkit and studied it carefully:

"It's got a really different looking extension."

"The fubberized grip is not bad. This isn't metal, this is plastic."

"Interesting. So there's a couple of cool features of this guy then."

precision screwdriver set

And the spring flexible extension bar has also been well received by Linus.

screwdriver tool set

Then when Linus got the JM-OP12, he was very interested in it: "Great value recommended!"

phone opening tool kit

plastic tool for opening electronics

Thanks for Linus's recommendation!

However, Linus also metioned that he wasn't satisfied with the number of bits in the JM-8125.

screwdriver sets good quality

But in fact, we has upgraded the JM-8125!

screwdriver tool set

JAKEMY JM-8166 61 in 1 61 Pcs Screwdriver Kits

Upgraded to 61 pcs!

Various kinds of bits!

Easily to remove the unfrequent screws.

torx screwdriver setphillips screwdriver setstar screwdriver set

The aluminum alloy handle makes you feel solid.

It can resist to deformation and discoloration with strong durability.

And the bits can be configured to disassemble iphone.

mini screwdriver setapple screwdriver set

But JM-8166 also keeps the adjustable extension bar & spring flexible extension bar.

It can be used according to different working environments.

Let the DIY follow your heart!

professional screwdriver set

In 2019, JAKEMY will continue to adhere to the concept of "Survival by quality and development by reputation".

And JAKEMY will also continue to march into the DIY creative world to break through the tradition and innovate the future.

Dedicated to bring more fun for the maintenance industry and the tool entthusiasts!

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